Top 20 largest Mobile Networks in the World, Airtel 4th!


Bharti Airtel has moved up one position and is now the 4th largest mobile network in the World.  According to the wireless intelligence report for second quarter of 2012, Bharti Airtel has edged past Telefonica group crossing a total of 250 million mobile connections worldwide.

The Top 20 Mobile Networks in the World

Top Mobile Operators in the world

Reliance, Idea and BSNL are the other Operators who feature in the list at 8th, 14th and 20th position respectively. Vodafone and Sistema are other 2 global operators who have their presence in India and have been featured in the Top 20 Mobile Network Operator list.

However, what is interesting to note is the revenue that Indian groups boast of, they are embarrassingly low. Given that Indian mobile rates are cheapest in the world and we also have one of the lowest ARPU (Average Revenue per user), the revenue generated by Indian groups does not even keep them in Top 20. For example, 5th placed Telefonica Group’s revenue is 11.4 Billion close to three times that of 4th placed Bharti Airtel whose revenue is around 3 billion US dollars.

Top 20 Operators by Growth / Revenue

Rank Telecom Operator Connections (in millions) YoY Growth Revenue
(US$ billion)
1 China Mobile 683.08 11% 22.05
2 Vodafone Group 386.88 5% 13.92
3 America Movil Group 251.83 7% 7.98
4 Bharti Airtel 250.04 13% 3.04
5 Telefonica Group 243.51 7% 11.4
6 China Unicom 219.25 21% 4.95
7 VimpelCom Group 205.05 7% 4.58
8 Reliance 154.6 8% 0.48
9 Telenor Group 152.74 24% 2.55
10 China Telecom 144.18 33% 3.37
11 MTN Group 136.59 14% 3.85
12 France Telecom 133.38 57% 7.18
13 Telkomsel Group 117.24 15% 1.43
14 Idea Cellular 117.16 23% 1
15 Sistema Group 114.51 3% 2.54
16 Verizon Wireless 111.37 5% 15.78
17 Deutsche Telekom 107.86 2% 8.38
18 AT&T 105.21 7% 14.77
19 Telecom Italia 101.1 16% 4.1
20 BSNL 98.28 5% 0.44

One interesting thing to note if you compare Indian operators as well… Sample this… Reliance has close to 155 million subscribers as compared to Idea’s 117 million. However, Reliance’s revenue is less than half that of Idea. So, Idea easily has close to 3 times the ARPU that of Reliance!

What’s your take on this?

  1. […] Top 20 largest Mobile Networks in the World, Airtel 4th! […]

  2. […] Top 20 largest Mobile Networks in the World, Airtel 4th! […]

  3. aayush says

    Don’t use vodafone, its british company. Use instead of airtel, Bsnl, idea, reliance.

  4. Rohit Singh says

    thank you I will rember it.

  5. Azal says

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    Note: If you are a good looking aunty or girl, then you may get lot of responses from the male officials. But female officials always sleep or play games as usual even if you are a good looking male.

  6. Suyog Tatar says

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