Weekly Wrap-up: PC/Tablet Market Share, Micromax TVs & more…


Here is a quick overview of some of the popular posts that were published last week.

Weekly Wrap up: Google Overtakes Microsoft, Internet consumption & more…


Flipkart has diversified into more categories, and now has launched apparels section. Currently, only for men, we should expect it to expand to women and children clothing as well.

Check out how Mobiles / Smartphones have taken over our lives…we are literally slaves to them!

Its that time of the year again – Making sure Annual filing of ROC compliance is in order for your company. If you have already not done so, you must.

Micromax has beaten likes of Apple and Samsung to become India’s leading Tablet Brand with largest market share. The growth in this space has also been quite impressive.

We literally have a new Android Smart phone or tablet every second day, yet Apple iPad has been able to survive this onslaught!

With state of the art Smartphones coming up, do we need dedicated GPS navigational devices anymore?

We all use PIN numbers on daily basis, either at our ATM or on our mobile phone or on many other security devices. But have your ever thought how secure is your PIN number?

Here are some rumours, leaked pictures, features etc on soon-to-launched iPad Mini.

Here are 5 superb online comics that are sure give much needed relief from your stress.

Micromax has now entered the home entertainment segment and launched LED TVs, Home Theatre systems and Android TV dongle. We are surely heading for a Price war now!

Indian Railways has launched a superb platform called Railradar, which allows any one to visually see the status of their train!

Gmail has launched “Free SMS through Email” feature and is being rolled out in India in partnership with Telecom Operators in India.

Lenovo has once again topped the Global PC market Share. However, the PC market worldwide has declined, thanks to penetration of Tablets and Smartphones.

If the DTH market in India also heading the mobile way?

August 2012 is the 2nd consecutive month where the number of mobile subscribers in India have fallen. I think this is more to do with cleansing of the system, which is good for Telecom Industry in India.

Check out what would have happened if Railradar had decided to go with Apple Maps instead of Google Maps!

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