How safe is your PIN Number? [Infographic]


We use PIN Numbers on many devices, but most widely, it is used on our Debit or Credit cards or on Mobile devices. Have you ever given a thought on how safe your PIN number is? Studies have shown that close to 27% PIN numbers can be guessed within first 20 tries.

Also, nearly 18.5% of all the Pin numbers used are either of these 3 numbers – 1234, 1111 or 0000!

Years (Generally Birth Years) are most commonly used numbers [19XX]

Check out the Infographic created by that gives statistics like these and tips on how you can ensure safety of your PIN number!


[Click Here to see larger version]

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  1. jijojohn says

    Yah right,pin number can be guessed easily.I have found some interesting ways to secure my pin

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