Movies on Demand on DTH Services: Are they popular?


Whether it is a local Dish or Dish TV, there is one option that I have always liked. This option is the option to watch some movies on demand. These movies are comparatively new as compared to the movies that generally come on TV and most importantly we can choose the movies that we want to watch.

This option is a very insignificant one when compared to the number of channels that are present on the TV. Heck! Even the number of movie channels might be more in some cases.

Still, the fact that I can (for a small fee, of course, of the order of Rs. 50 per movie) watch a movie from a buffet is amazing and as the movies are relatively new I have the option to wait a little while for the movie which are still in theatre to come to these offerings.

Movies on Demand

With the coming of LCD TVs and also, high-def set top boxes, the image-quality is premium. I have seen theatres having worse screens. Thus, we are in a phase where a person, instead of going to various theatres can relax in the comfort of his bed and watch a movie (that is almost new) in a better quality than theatre.

Also, in homes where there are aged people living, it is a good option as they might not be interested in travelling but this gives them to watch the movie with their family without getting tired and exhausted.

I have seen in my house that the consumption of such Movies on Demand is quite substantial. 

The question is- “Does it happen in other houses or is this confined to few ones like mine?” In theory, the idea is lucrative enough to have a rampant impact. The price of watching a movie in the house is also marginal compared to watching the movie in the theatre. The only deterrent might be that the movies are not added simultaneously with the release (for obvious reasons).

Thus if person wants to see the show early (if it is a big budget movie or a big star movie) then he has to go to the theatres. Of course, add to that malls and multiplex, people do prefer shopping and movies hand in hand.

So, I would like to ask this question to the readers, do they see a similar trend around them where people prefer to go watch movies on their set top boxes and LCD (or LED) screens rather going to multiplexes and single screens?

  1. Rohit Nair says

    So earlier (a year or 2 back), the MoD service was actually watching a new movie for a 'cheap' price at home. Today its about missing a 'New' movie on the regular channel and then trying to watch it without ads. In houses like mine, where HD services anyway have no Ads, we would never BUY an MoD but watch the same movie on HD (which costs Rs 100- Rs120 more ).

  2. Nimesh Bhandari says

    well if the movie is very good… we can't wait for it to come on DTH.. so we would have already seen it in cinema halls.. if it is average.. I have no motivation to spend time to watch the movie..

  3. Yash Gadhiya says

    I have Tata Sky DTH too. I do watch MoD but not in a great number. I got 12 free as part of my prepaid annual package and I have only used 7 or 8 of that in 10 months. What I have observed is that 1) The movies are not in HD 2) They become available on Showcase few days prior to its TV premier. The only benefit of watching a MoD is that you get to watch it without any breaks. 50-75 Rs that they charge is very reasonable though. If youhave a large TV its better to watch the movie at the comforts of your home than watching it in a multiplex at an outrageous price.

    1. Amit says

      To solve this problem of ads what i do is record the program, and then watch skipping the ads and yes as u said they show the movies just 15days or max a month before tv either i watch in theater or record and watch!! Also yes they are not in HD so dont look that good on Big TVs..

  4. Rajaram Ramakrishnan says

    it is possible in US because they are already once we have digitization of cable, we will get to see them as well..more than PPV, cable companies would be able to offer OnDemand content more..the industry will witness a major change here..

  5. Raghavendra Kopalle says

    Uh oh I thought you had some stats! This should have been a poll instead of an article.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Thats why it is question….

  6. Arun Prabhudesai says

    In the US, they have something called PPV (Pay Per View), which is similar to Movies on Demand, but PPVs are not for movies, they have exclusive sporting and live events. PPV is extremely popular and from the looks of it, here in India also we may see similar trend happening.
    At my house, we have Tata Sky plus HD, and since the time we bought a bigger LED TV, the consumption of MoD has definitely increased…

    As TVs get bigger and better, I think MoD consumption will increase…

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