Top 10 Indian Twitter Trends of the Week!


We have always been committed to keep you updates on things going around you. We already give you the top 10 business news and the top 10 tech news every week.

Starting today, we would be bringing to you the top Indian twitter trends of the week.

Here were the 10 trending things Indians were talking on Twitter this week (in no particular order):-


1. #nothingisbetter

2. #toughquestions

3. #twitter

4. #goiblocks

5. #emergency2012

6. #ekthatiger

7. #Coal

8. #Parliament

9. #Gujarat

10. #Cricket


One of the biggest trending topic of last week was Government of India’s temporary restriction on the number of daily SMS a mobile user could send which was limited to 5.

Strict guidelines were issued to the Social Media companies like Twitter, Facebook & Google and many Facebook pages, youtube URLs and twitter accounts were blocked due to this.

Twitter users kept criticizing the government for such actions. They discussed it most with the hashtag #GOIBlocks.


People compared the current situation in the country with an emergency and thus emerged the tag #emergency2012. This was among the trending topics whole week and people made very interesting and sarcastic comments. While the Gujarat 2002 riots were controlled in just 3 days, the Government has not been able to control the Assam riots for a month now.

This included the words ‘#Gujarat and ‘Narendra Modi’ in the list of most mentioned words.

Salman Khan’s latest movie, ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ emerged as the second most earning movie of Bollywood till now. It is Salman’s best movie and was obvious to stay in the talks.

The irregularities in the allocation of Coal licenses remained a hot topic both online and offline. While the refusal of BJP to discuss the topic in the parliament lead to the adjournment of Parliament a number of times during the week, people of India decided to discuss it at lengths. The words ‘Coal’ and ‘Parliament’ were among the week’s most mentioned words.

The week saw some great cricketing action. While the Indian U-19 team was able to beat New Zealand in the semi-final of the U-19 world cup, the national team of the country put up some fascinating action against the New Zealand Team in the past two days.

Twitter users used words like ‘Cricket’, ‘ICC’, ‘U19CWC’, ‘New Zealand’, ‘Cheteshwar Pujara’ many times in the tweets on the platform. The number of tweets over the week had a major portion having these words.

This was this week’s digest of the Top 10 Twitter trends. Keep following us for the latest news.

Do check back next week for the weekly Top Twitter trends.

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