Weekly Wrap-up: Online / Mobile Ads, Reliance 3G Tab, FB engagement & more…


And time to take a quick look at some of the buzzing posts that were published on trak.in last week.

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Indian Mobile Handset brands were sort of a rage couple of years back. However, Samsung & HTC has figured out a way to sink the Indian challenge with some innovative launches.

Here is a look at previous fortnight’s Private Equity, M&A and VC deals of the previous fortnight.

Although most brands are now on Facebook, calculating the audience engagement rate and ROI on Facebook has been difficult and current FB engagement calculation needs a revision.

For all the heavy postpaid mobile users out there – Here is your chance to reduce your phone bills permanently. Tata Docomo has launched a Rs. 899/- plan allowing users unlimited calling (without FUP).

Probably the biggest news in tech world last week was Marissa Mayer’s appointment at beleaguered Yahoo as its CEO. This decision took everyone by surprise.

How do you create your Brand Evangelists – They are probably the most important pillars of furthering your branding.

Here is a look at some of the numbers and statistics on Mobile & Online advertising in India.  They are expected to have fierce growth in next 3 to 4 years time.

India – Srilanka series is already started. You can watch the entire series online via iStream.com, which has bagged exclusive rights to stream them online.

BYOD or Bring Your Own Device… Here are the top 5 positives as well as negatives of having BYOD in your company.

Some of the Google projects are really outstanding. Here is a look at their new initiative called Chromeweblab.com, a platform that culminates real world with virtual world.

Have you ever thought of getting into Politics. Here are 5 subjects that you should study that will be of great help.

Reliance has launched the next version of its tablet. The new version of Reliance 3G tab comes with a faster processor camera upgrades for not-so-flattering Rs. 14500/- price tag.

Usage of mobile has helped every sector in streamlining communication in one way or the other. Here is how mobiles are being used in Healthcare and Agriculture Industry in India.

If you are an advertiser, you may want to look at this mobile advertising report. It says that better phones with larger screens get much higher eCPMs. iPad has the highest eCPM rates of close to USD 3.96.

Standard Chartered has become the first bank in India to come up with Online Instant Credit Card approval solution whereby the applicant can immediately come know the status of its application online.

Here is how the likes of Samsung and Nokia have beaten Indian Dual Sim mobile brands.

Indian Rupee is still at its all time lows and is expected to remain under pressure as the Global Economy is showing no signs of improvement.

Here is a look at all the buzzing Business and technology news in India.

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