Jabong.com trumps Flipkart traffic – Offers Door Step Card payment service for COD!


Jabong.com is now the most trafficked Ecommerce site in India if Google numbers are to be believed.

Rise of jabong.com has shaken up the E-Commerce market in India – Their rise has been nothing but meteoric.

Here is comparison between Jabong.com & Flipkart.com just to give you an idea where Jabong stands currently in Indian Market.

Jabong.com traffic


flipkart traffic

If you see the Unique visitor count, Jabong.com is attracting close to 50% more traffic than Flipkart.com which is phenomenal given that jabong.com has only been in market for about 9 months.

Yes, obviously they are investing piles of cash in advertising, but they are also backing it with up with great service.

I have ordered 3 times via jabong.com and my experience has been absolutely brilliant. They offered great prices, great variety for most of their products and best of all, their customer support has been top notch.

For a new site like Jabong, to get all the processes and people in place in such a short time is really commendable.

Debit / Credit Card payment at Doorstep

The biggest (positive) surprise for me was when I ordered new pair of shoes through Jabong recently. I am one who never orders Cash on Delivery, I never have. But during last order, I (by mistake) ordered COD.

When the Jabong courier boy came for delivery, I was pleasantly surprised when he said “ You can pay me by Cash or Card”.

One of the major problems most ecommerce sites face with CoD orders is that customer may does not carry cash at time of delivery. Here, the jabong delivery boy took out the nifty GPRS enabled card reader, swiped my card and handed me the reciept.

I was literally bowled over.

Jabong Photo-001

Now, I am not sure if Flipkart or other ecommerce sites offer this – but for me this was a first. I thought Cash on Delivery means Cash on Delivery not Card on Delivery!

Jabong has left me as one impressed customer – Kudos to them!

  1. Vaz says

    I think a key element of this statistics is missing. Are the figures (estimated traffic) quoted for a month, year or any specific time period?? Without the reference the data is meaningless

  2. Ambrish Bajaj says

    Look deeper, the difference between uniques is not too much. Also pageviews and average time spent is higher on FK, says something about the quality of users on FK.

  3. Azeem says

    Will someone tell me why people use card at doorstep and not on website?

  4. Rahul says

    Flipkart has good variety but jabong is still my favourite because of all their offers and discounts.

  5. Sunny says

    Yes totally agree.. Heard about 10 million funding received by jabong for its expansion. Stars are in their favor.. :)

  6. Gurneet says

    I agree..Jabong is a player here to stay in India and will surely be one of the top 3 players in online apparels category…

  7. Kartik says

    Card on delivery is really a good service started by ecommerce portals like jabong.com as it provides a feasable option of payment to the customers.

  8. sugam says

    Flipkart acquiring Jabong lolllzzzzz….

  9. Anonymous says

    Flipkart does Offer Card On Delivery…..I think Jabong.com will be in the market for very less time,,,, may be an year or so…coz the history of the owners of Jabong says that they create an ecommerce brand and then selll it off….So some body or other will definitely acquire Jabong and Move ahead….Don't be surprised to see Flipkart acquiring Jabong…

  10. Pravin Kr Gupta says

    That is good idea. But I saw both site traffic in alexa Flip-cart have higher traffic in India & globally! yes your data is showing more traffic & visitor on Jabong.

  11. Shweta Kawatra says

    Very good insight and preview I also shopped form Jabong, its a good site. The traffic has to go high as the products and delivery time is superb.

  12. rabia dhody says

    Lousy service just clones

  13. Honey Singh Gill says

    ya I also tried stackkart.com overall experience is good.
    and it's providing cod facility where other sites are not able to give that facility.

  14. Gaurav says

    Stackkart.com Finally I get my book from here of Ramesh Publisher I can’t find any where my M.A Du Book and thanks to Stackkart for providing me this book I am the customer of Flipkart. But I don’t get Discount from Flipkart. I don’t know what happen with Flipkart. Firstly the book are out of stock, secondly I can’t imagine that they are not giving any discount this is too much.
    But I find this book on Google. Then I get this Stackkart.com Website name . And they delivered book within 2-3 days. I hope in future that books are available on Flipkart.com. Once again Thanks! to stackkart.com team for providing this book.

  15. Richa Anand says

    This Riya character from Myntra is a fake. They use this name when they send out mailers to customers. Myntra surely does NOT offer Card on Delivery. I have placed an order with them in the recent past (from Noida) and can bear testimony to that.

    Also, I think one should be a little more reserved about making such sweeping statements about the availability of a service. Providing this service costs serious money – this EDC machine costs about a lakh! and surely no one can afford this unless they have substantial order volume that necessitates setting up of logistics operations at a specific location. Most certainly there are no Indian ecommerce companies that have reached this threshold outside the metros, as yet. All things considered, the % of orders on which Card on Delivery is being offered today is not more than 20% for any company which shows that though, it is a step in the right direction, there is still a long way to go for the issues and inconveniences associated with COD to be surmounted.

  16. Prakruti Chandurkar says

    Oh yeah, even I've got a bitter experience from Flikart, I bought an expensive phone at a very cheap rate and when it was delivered, the camera was not functioning, also the OS (Anroid) cannot be upgraded, when showed to local shop, they said it was bought from abroad something similar to an unlocked phone, now I got to know why they r selling it such cheap rates..

  17. Amey Thakoor says

    Flipkart has now lower its standards both with the products and services..:(

  18. Abhishek Anand says

    What was surprising in this article was the fact that you presented this “unique offering” from Jabong without even researching if Myntra, Flipkart or others are offering the same service (which both of them are, along with few more). Based on the way this article was presented, I am forced to ask this – Was this a paid article?
    (I don’t mind even if it was, but atleast call it an advertorial in that case.)

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      My Dear ABhishek,

      Firstly – THIS IS NOT A PAID ARTICLE. I have mentioned this before…and saying it again. We have never had a paid article on trak.in and if at all in future if we do have, without doubt I will mark it such…

      Please refer to last line of the article
      “Now, I am not sure if Flipkart or other ecommerce sites offer this – but for me this was a first.”

      Also, where have I said it is an unique offering? For me it was a first. Also, I checked Flipkart’s as well as couple of other sites shipping documentation and they have not mentioned that they will be offering Card swipe on COD.

      So it gave me an impression that such facility is not available… My order went as COD, without me realizing it…and hence I came to know about it and was surprised and hence decided to write about them..

  19. Shweta Agarwal says

    well Flipkart is already offering this swap machine for COD deliveries. I personaly have paid them by card on COD. please cross check your info…

    1. Swati Singh says

      FNY is also offering the same

    2. Riya Myntra says

      So does Myntra.com and has been offering this facility for a fairly long time

    3. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Shweta, I am not sure how many times to tell this… Like I have mentioned in the article, I was not sure about who all offers Card swipe on COD. This was the first time I ordered COD and I was surprised to see it… It is really nice to know that others also offer COD.

  20. Robinsh says

    I never tried them because of full satisfaction with the eBay and Flipkart services but now when I know that Jabong will deliver on card payment at door step then must give a try to this new idea, it will also protect me from the sun burn when other delivery boys calls and says that they are coming and I use to visit nearest ATM to withdraw the amount in mean time.

  21. Abdul Kareem says

    There is hardly any reason for competition between Jabong and Flipkart. While Flipkart focusses more on products like books, gadgets, movies, games etc., Jabong offers clothing and lifestyle products. There is hardly any overlapping of their inventories.

  22. Mohit says

    The biggest funda of Business what I understand is to make your customers smile with surprise, And in your this post Jabong it is evident that Jabong is able to do it!!!! :-)

    And if you are able to bring Surprising smile on the face of a customer you make a customer advertising banner. Slowly over a period of time. You dont need advertising because people themselves are your hoardings and banners.


  23. Telecolumnist says

    Great that card on delivery is unique and fantastic initiative by Jabong and the chunk of advertisements they are showing on internet is really fantastic. They hold the nerve now of the target segment and sure they are going to give sleepless nights to Flipkart and similar other sites of this industry….


  24. Mangal Chechani says

    My experience with both websites is quite good bt on comparison I feel flipkart’s service is better than of Jabong’s. They also accept card payment on delivery and it’s brilliant.

  25. Nitin says

    Not only flipkart even zopnow and most other ecommerce sites take card on delivery(COD).Its not a big deal.By getting funding and burning huge money on ads will certainly increase traffic.The point is when they have burnt all money on marketing and still attract similar traffic then we can compare.

  26. Sudhir says

    Flipkart has been accepting card payments on CoD for months now.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says


      Like I have mentioned in the post, I never ordered COD, and I have never known about this…so it was a surprise for me…

      Call me ignorant if you want :)

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