Indian Ecommerce Market [Infographic]


Folks over at did a study on various online stores in India and have come up some interesting facts and numbers.

We are big fans of Infographics here at – hence we decided to put together various findings in a single infographic.

Some of the findings are quite interesting – Like, out of the total 343 stores that were included in the study 130 stores sold Clothes and apparels making it the most popular category amongst ecommerce sites in India. We had expected that Electronics & Gadgets would be the most popular category.

Close to 57% of all retail stores catered to only single category of products like books, media electronics etc. retains the top slot amongst all the ecommerce stores in India followed by and The dark horse in the Indian Ecommerce Market is definitely It has reason to 4th largest ecommerce store in India in less than a year of its launch!

Hope you enjoy the Infographic – The Great Indian E-Commerce Bazaar


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  2. Dev Chandan says

    Good start for me to find out more

  3. ruchir says

    I am trying to figure out top ecommerce buying cities in india

  4. Vikas Ralhan says

    Cool Summarisation

  5. Aashish Idnani says

    Very informative Arun.

    1. Harshil Karia says

      nice. Ashish congrats on the new position.

  6. Raju Pawar says

    really very nice.. thanks for sharing this..

  7. Santhosh Jose says

    Very good coverage! Anyway we can buy the complete report?

    Clearly there is a desperate requirement for some differentiation with so many competing online brands now.. Most of these need optimizing user experience else pay the consequences like what we are seeing in the online retail markets across the world.

  8. Futuro Enrique says

    I think filpkart is best of the indian ecommerce site. For future Ecommerce is more useful for us.

  9. Subramanian Seshadrinathan says

    Nice article

  10. Paresh Punjabi says

    A complete picture…Wonderful…

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