SMS will be used to send UIDAI’s Aadhar numbers!


UIDAI have dispatched close to 10 crore Aadhar cards till now, however, one of the major issues most users face after applying, is the delay in getting their Aadhar numbers. If not for delay, these numbers would have been much more. Some users have not received  their Aadhar number even after 6 to 8 months of applying.

According to HT, out of 16 crore Indians who have applied, only 9.5 crore people have received their Aadhar cards. The UIDAI is hoping to dispatch all Aadhaar letters by June end.

Aadhar Card

To curb the delay and speed up the process, Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has decided use Mobile SMS as platform to send Aadhar numbers to people who have applied. This is applicable to people who have already applied or will apply in future.

However, there is a bottleneck – Only 27% of Aadhar applicants have given their mobile number. So, this move will benefit only ones with valid mobile number in the application. Going forward, UIDAI will be sensitizing people of the benefit of giving their mobile numbers, so numbers could be sent to them without delay. Once user receives the Aadhar number, he/she can using it for authentication purposes at various public departments. The physical Aadhar cards will be sent subsequently.

According to report, UIDAI has tied up with the Central Government’s Department of Information Technology (DIT) to have a lease line for delivering Aadhaar numbers on mobile SMS.

So, if you are applying for your Aadhar number, make sure that you give you mobile number in the application, so you stand a better chance of receiving the number without any delays.

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  1. Facility management software says

    UIDAI is an example of nations huge database and maintaining such a huge one is never so easy. Congrats to all the techies who have made it possible and not even possible but possible in very quick time.

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