Vodafone India sets Guinness World Record for a 25 hour uninterrupted call


This is something which Vodafone should be really proud about – They have set a Guinness World Record for an uninterrupted call of 25 hours 11 minutes & 40 second. That’s an entire day and some more…

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The uninterrupted telephone conversation which started on March 28th, 2012 at 12 noon in Mumbai went on till March 29th, 2012 till 1:11:40 pm. Also, it was just not about the time, but the number of people who participated in the call. There were total of 36 people who participated in this day long conversation. The Guinness World Record officials confirmed this record and went into the books as the record for “Most number of people in a telephone conversation relay”.

The finer details about how this call was made or how different people participated at different times is not known (presumably using conferencing) – However, the call was made for the purposes of record as Guinness World Record Officials were present on site during this call.

I am sure we will soon see Vodafone commercials making full use of this to show the strength and stability of Vodafone Network!

I am not taking anything away from this record, but, In my personal opinion, if you have excellent signal strength and ideal conditions call drop should not happen. If this record was achieved when subjects were moving and were in less than ideal locations, then it is surely something to brag about.

It would be interesting to see if other Telecom Operators soon try similar kind of record to prove their network stability & efficiency!

  1. Saurabh Rathi says

    Best wishes next time. U must have a designed phone to do it… http://mcxcommoditytrading.com/forum/index.php

  2. Poonam Parikh says

    how was your 1st day of school, let me know.

  3. Swaroop TG says

    And here I can't make a call that last > 30 minutes. Vodafone guys says its a "feature". I can't take office phone conferences on my mobile thanks to this stupid "feature". What morons.

  4. Bapindra Kumar Sahoo says

    uninterrupted call of 25 hours 11 minutes & 40 second……….the network really followed the guys in conversation! great!

  5. Rajan Wankhede says

    Vodafone..Where ever you go our network follows… the network really followed the guys in conversation! great!

  6. Piyush Shah says

    Voda resilient network… And I thought there was a network triggered disconnection after 60 minutes of talk… Atleast that was my experience of Tata docomo..

    1. Suman Sahu says

      Not only Tata Docomo but Airtel too have call drop after 60 mins of talk.

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