Top 10 Future Mobile Trends!


Have you ever thought how your mobile phones could look like or what they will be able to do for you a decade down the line? I have been closely watching how mobile trends have change over past decade.

I got my first mobile way back in 1998 and my first mobile phone weighed close to half a kilo (yeah, yeah that Nokia brick…remember). Compare that phone with phones of today (think Samsung Galaxy SII or iPhone 4). Very few fields have seen such constant innovation and progress.

Now, Can you imagine what your phone will be by 2020 or even 2030 ? It will probably be the only all-in-one device that you will need to do anything and everything!

Nokia recently released the 10 future Mobile Trends – Take a look !


Top 10 Future Mobile Trends [as per Nokia]

1. Cloud

There’s been a lot of buzz about cloud computing over the years. For those of you who aren’t familiar, it offers a secure place for applications and data to be accessed from any network device, whether it’s a phone, laptop or PC. Given the situation, that means you’ll be able to access your important work documents while out of the office and in front of almost any device.

2. Flexible Screens

The ability to bend and flex your phone is a very exciting prospect – see the Nokia Morph and the Nokia 888 concept phones.


3. Projectors

It has been suggested that the integration of projectors on mobile phones may well coincide with the downtrend of laptops. How does this work? Well, with mobile phones approaching laptop-esque processing power, all that’s missing from your smartphone is a larger screen to view it on. Enter the projector phone


4. 4G & 5G

We are about to see a rafter of 4G phones hit the market offering faster and more stable connections which supersede that of 3G. We may be getting ahead of ourselves a bit here but it’s predicted that by 2020 we’ll be seeing 5G!

5. NFC

Near field communication. There are some seriously cool uses of NFC for social networking. Imagine just tapping your phone on another mobile to make a mobile payment, or to share a file or business card!


6. The death of the Digital Camera & SLR’s

The experience of taking a photo on your mobile phone has changed dramatically. You just have to look at our evolution of the camera phone post to see how far we’ve come. The question is, in the ten years time, will there be the need for a low/mid-range digital camera when your phone can do just as good a job?

And talking of SLR, seeing the progress over past few years, it is very much possible that the mobile phone camera lens quality may match SLR cameras as well!

7. Wireless [Chargers] technology

It’s not just us who can’t wait for the day when wireless technology supersedes that of the tangled wired charger. We’re definitely counting down the hours. The technology is there in the form of charging mats, but it’s not quite mass market yet.

8. Sensory focus

You touch a device, you hear the caller and you see the display – but what about smell and taste? It may sound odd but mobile technology doesn’t think so. Take the Nokia Morph concept again, which can detect specific chemical compounds in the air to tell you if something is safe to consume.

9. Location, location, location

The likes of foursquare have meant that it’s easier to see where people are at any given time (on the basis they check-in) and Businesses around the world are are taking advantage of Geo-Location technologies. In a decade’s time you would have every individuals & businesses location at a touch of a button in real-time!

10. Green

One trends for certain, the future of mobile phones is most definitely green. Nokia are a good example of leading the way in environmentally friendly practices with 100% of packaging being fully recyclable and 26 of the top 30 green phones being Nokia

What are the other mobile trends that you think we will experience in coming years ?

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    Nice one:)

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    Good article, Eye opening.Thanks for sharing.

  4. Transcription Company says

    Wow! That’s a good list but sad to here about few features like death of SLR’s. Will it be possible to make flexible sets? Is it really gonna happen?

  5. Garmin India Maps says

    These trends are really interesting. I guess future mobile will become thin just like a paper and we will be able to wear it just like a wrist watch.

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