Projector Mobile Phones in India [Comparison]


Projector phone still looks like a dream, but we already have four phones launched with that capability. There is no dearth of innovation in the thought to pack things into one single mobile phone. Intex, TechBerry and Spice have launched their respective projector phones. Intex was the pioneer in this field closely followed by Techberry.

But it was the late entrant Spice which popularized projector phone with its “Yeh boat nahin” ad of Spice Popkorn. The timing of the phone launch and the ad is icing on the cake. Spice Popkorn ad pops up in the middle of a world cup match. And the ad surely stands out in the middle of bunch of thoughtless ads.


Intex V.Show


Intex V.Show uses tiny Pico which is the latest in the LED technology to project on to a36 inch screen size for 3 hours. 20,000 hours of play time on the projector is possible. After which it will cease to be a projector and starts to be a phone-only. It is a touch screen phone with 3.2 inch screen size. It is a dual SIM phone (GSM+GSM). As per mainstream media this is a 3G enabled phone. As per blogosphere this is a dual SIM phone. It has a dual camera – one in the front, one in the back and it has dual memory card slots which can read up to 8 GB each.

TechBerry ST 200


ST in the phone name stands for Sachin Tendulkar. I am not kidding. That’s what the press release said. This phone which was launched immediately after Intex has some amazing double features. In addition to the projector of course.

It packs in dual-SIM capability, dual memory card capability and dual camera of 2 megapixel each. ST200 has a 3.2 inch QVGA full touch screen. ST200 is a GSM phone with Bluetooth on-board.

Spice PopKorn


Spice M-9000 is a dual SIM phone with a in-built projector. It also comes with a analogous TV which will help you stream free-to-air channels, you know like the good old Doordarshan. There is a document viewer, in case you want to project a presentation on the side wall in the middle of a Christopher Nolan movie. Spice M-9000 aka Popkorn, has a 3.2 megapixel camera, FM with recording, Bluetooth, video player and a 6 cm QVGA screen. All of this comes at a measly price of Rs. 6999.

Intex V.Show Mini


Intex V.Show Mini has a 2.4 inch QVGA screen, dual SIM capability, 2 megapixel camera and an internal memory of 87 MB. Memory can be jacked up to 16 GB through a SD card. Bluetooth, 3.5 mm audio jack, FM radio are on-board. Pre-loaded apps like Facebook and Opera Mini should take care of the browsing needs. V.Show Mini has a document reader which would make it easy to project the presentations in case you office projector acts kinky. Price : Rs. 6300

For the price, features and marketing, Spice Popkorn should be the winner all the way. It packs in impressive features at affordable price. With its TV on-board feature, it has went past all other projector phones. Even if the TV is for free to air channels like Doordarshan. Phone replacing TV isn’t very far.

[This post has been reproduced from The Gadget Fan ]

  1. Nigam Prasad says

    Intex is d best featured projector phone till.

  2. Mukesh kumar prajapati says

    Badidya.mujhe nahi mil raha hai projecter mobile.kya new mobile a raha hai! Intex jesa.sastha bhi ho.i Like this mobile.

  3. ravi dutt says

    which projector phone is better?

  4. Md Ibrahim Arman says

    can I bought those mobile from online? if yes from where? please say me the exact address.

  5. Sahib Raja Kohli says

    koi badhiya projector mobile hai toh jaroor shayer karo?

  6. Dhana says

    Where i will get projector mobile phones in india

  7. Mandeep Singh says


  8. Mahesh Sharma says

    Intex IN is best in all. enjoy it…..

  9. Devendra Sharma says

    nokia or samsung shoud made hd projector mobile phones,

  10. Nur Mohammad Mridha says

    Nice phone

  11. Amrendra Singh says

    it gd , try it.

  12. Mohan Pawar says

    Has anybody used Intex projector mobile? please give the review.

  13. Abalakumaresh Kumaresh says

    I nees a projector mobile phone with good picture quality and at a reasonable price so I will buy it.

  14. Sonal Nayek says

    sonu ericssion me projecter mobile ho to batao.

  15. Suraj Patil says

    I Bought Spice M9000 popcorn couple of Months ago it is very Good.
    I Use It to play movies We Can Use DVD, s RF Output to make output from Projetor By Using Analog Tv I Connnect My Set Top Box To This Mobile Just touch Rf or TV Out Cable To Antenna And You Can View All Cable Channels Also.

    1. shital d says

      i am a teacher and need it as a teaching aid. is the projector quality good enough to be displayed on a wall???? pls help with suggestions. any other mobile phone with projector to suit my needs????

    2. Chandan Mishra says

      what is the screen size of projector..less tha 32''or than more?

  16. Shakya Nilesh says


  17. Dave Payongayong Batal says

    how mumch.. want to grab it na~~.

  18. prem says

    hi, i am looking for the mobile of spice & give the rate of mobile
    prem kunwar

  19. Nilesh Maurya says

    wht is the duration time of projector leans.
    300hrs or more please reply.

  20. Ankush Tiwari says
  21. Mustakim Ahmed says

    is it real… can this possible……………

  22. M Shakir Qadeer says

    Yes , I m serious to purchase, how u can help.

  23. M Shakir Qadeer says

    from wher I can purchase in pakistan.

    1. Ayyaz Rasool says

      if serious in buying let me know………may be i can help u

  24. Peeyush Kumar says

    2 models are more added, one by micromax (fuus company) and 2nd from Gfone(i cant comments on this), so this arena also got some fighters!

  25. Amit Shigwan says

    get set go n enjoy.

  26. Hareesh Kumar says

    its nice…

  27. Vinay Kumar Chaubey says

    spice in really u r spicy & hot.

  28. venu says

    supper…..super….super……what a technology……….great

  29. Satishkumar Sanchi says

    what about battery backup in these phones?

  30. Yuvi Bala says

    fuck offfffffffffff

  31. Yuvi Bala says


  32. Attero Bay says

    Get value for your old mobile phone at

  33. Narender Kaushik Kaushik says

    wait for samsung beam.

  34. Abid Ali says

    which projector phone is better?

  35. Raj Dilokhara says

    I like you.

  36. Chandrakesh Yadav says

    which mobile is better projector scren.

  37. Greeneyesman Jp says

    is there any body using this phone please send me reviews of other projector phones.

  38. Imran Khan says

    sub jokhim hai ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, mat lena phone.

  39. vsraj says

    nice piece of info on specs of projector mobiles in india.
    pl add an account aobout G5’s projector mobile too.
    for pl visit:


  40. Jana Lakshminarayanan says

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiii reliance j-3385 supper mobil.

  41. Kaushik Raval says


  42. Madhav Sonawane says

    wish to buy it!

  43. Vishal Kale says


  44. Niraj Shah says
  45. Manish Virendra says

    spice m-90000 rocks.

  46. ravi says

    hi plz give me sugection . which projector mobile is the best. intex or spice m9000

  47. ravi says

    hi plz give me sugection . which projector mobile is the best.
    in between intex or spice m9000

  48. Kcirtap Naiwas says

    Nice.. might try it someday.

  49. Sagar Kumar Shaggy says

    not as expected.

  50. Vikram Khatri says

    good phones

  51. devendra says

    hi plz give me sugection . which projector mobile is the best.

  52. NISHA says


    1. praveen nair says

      no this is technology

  53. ATUL says

    Its really good..
    3.2 mp cam,projector,dual sim,analog TV,tracker etc…….in just 6500.
    its great yar……..

  54. Manish Walia says

    seems to be good but in spice need more feature like 3g front camera video call etc.o priced well.

  55. Manish Walia says

    seems to be good but in spice need more feature like 3g front camera video call etc.o priced well.

  56. Rajiv Gour says


  57. imme says

    nice phones but is there any projecter phone from nokia

  58. GSM Mobile says

    Very nice…. I like it…..

    Where from I can get it.

  59. Mamun says

    we w`d like to marketing this type of Mobaile phone in our country of Bangladesh.pls provides us .

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