Advertising a B2B Technology Solution? Do it like Dell!


To be frank, I don’t have a lot of creative brain cells but that does not stop me from watching advertisements here and there. It was one of those instance where a Dell ad caught my fancy. The advertisement in itself is not a creative masterpiece per say but I liked the out-of-box approach and how the concept does not follow the cliched approach towards advertising a technology solution directed at the enterprise.

Dell (and Intel) have launched an array of commercials to advertise Dell’s Enterprise Mobility solution to help organizations improve employee productivity. There are 6 ads in total that I could find centered around Dell’s solution but one of the ads titled ‘Cure‘ captures the essence of the two myths about advertising a technology solution  targeted at a B2B segment. Now I don’t know if myth is right word, but the two points I am trying to make are something that typical B2B technology solutions never follow for their advertising campaigns.

Let’s see the said ad before I get on to the points I am trying to make,

B2B targeted product/service advertisements don’t have to be boring

In my experience majority of advertisements introducing a B2B solution border on being boring. A lot of these ads are nothing but monologues and don’t go beyond explaining the features of the product and so on. This Dell ad takes a rather creative approach and does its bit to break away the stereotypical treatment IT folks get in an organization.

The ad shows the boring IT guy turn into a kick arse storyteller who also has a magical solution for the employees. The ad is fun to the core and yet it does well to explain the solution in totality.  The ad makes Dell Mobility solutions a cool thing to have, something that the employees will want. My second point will. That to me is FTW and it will come out in my second point

Target Segment Is Shifting -  End-Users and Not The CXOs

Who will you target your B2B technology solution at? CIOs, CTOs and the likes right because they are the ones who have the purchasing power. Well, Dell has taken a refreshing approach and targeted the ad at a totally different audience- End Users!!!

Personally speaking, end users are the ones (CIO, CTO included in this case) who need a mobility solution and they are the ones who are going to use it day in and day out. So, why not target the mass instead of creating an ad that only strives to appeal to the CXOs?

Based on my experience, it is easier said than done because end users seldom dictate the purchase of a technology solution. However, the times are changing. End users are increasingly becoming key stakeholders in determining the adoption of a new solution and in my view the trend is going to intensify going forward.

This might be a one off case with Dell advertisements and I might be complete wrong. But if I have to recommend a mobility solution in organization, I am sure going to recommend this Dell solution – the advertisement has me sold.

What are your thoughts on this interesting Dell advertisement which is a refreshing change from typical B2B targeted ads?

  1. Arvind Vimal David says

    Nice ad, and nice article, a fresh perspective as always!

  2. Facility Management in India says

    B2B advertising is the most difficult form of advertising. Also quite tricky one too. Nevertheless, if done efficiently and effectively then it can produce a great results. Since, Dell is a brand name so companies can take the words of Dell, but for small companies it is quite difficult to achieve success in B2B. One of the most used and effective form of advertising for small companies, mouth-to-mouth, is not much of effect as far as B2B is concerned.

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