Indian Railways launches Mobile Ticketing App – SMS will now serve as a ticket!


This is really a great news and something that will positively affect millions of train commuters in India – No more carrying printouts of your tickets or standing in a long queues in front of ticket window.

According to the news that appeared on IBN Live, Indian Railways have announced that it will soon be releasing a mobile application that will make it possible for commuters to book the tickets on mobile itself.  After the ‘m-ticket’ (mobile phone-based ticket) is booked, travellers will receive a ticket through SMS in 20 minutes. This SMS can then be furnished to ticket checker as a normal ticket along with your personal identification!

This mobile application will be part of the website –, which essentially offers all ticketing services like train alerts, PNR status, train status, seat availability, train schedule, time table and Ticket Fares.

I tried searching for the application on Indian Railways website and also visited the website via my mobile phone – however, I did not find any mention of launch of this new Mobile Application. Instead, the Indian Railways website gave me Malware errors !

I am assuming that the said mobile application will be GPRS based and will have payment gateway integrated in it. However, I am quite skeptical about how many users will be able to use it successfully. Their web experience itself leaves a lot to be desired. With mobile, I expect it to be even worse.

One thing though – I would be very happy if I am proved wrong as I will be one of the more frequent users of that app! Even if the app works half as well as it is supposed to, it will save time & effort of millions of Indian travellers!

Indian Railways are already chasing the Railway ticketing agents out of the system – With launch of this mobile app, I guess the door will forced shut for them.

We will do a detailed review of this Indian Railways app as soon as we get our hands on it, so stay tuned!

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  2. Yash says do i get mobile sms ticket of already booked ticket?
    2.wil i get mobile sms ticket again once i hav received the sms but lost or deleted it? how?

  3. George John says

    Can any one pls tell me where is the link to download the app , i did not find it on the site :

  4. irctc pnr status says

    I likes M-ticket.It is easy to use and Light so thanks for share it.

  5. Ravi says

    We don’t need a mobile app for this. We just need a detailed sms for even booking from IRCTC website and a policy decision to accept this sms as ticket. Like they do in bus reservations in

  6. Subham Nagaria says

    I like m-ticket. but old tt did not understand my ticket as original.

  7. Ajaypratap Sidhu says

    Very interesting post ARUN. Its nice to see common man get some power which puts them at ease.

  8. rakesh kumar says

    I am not able to do the registration on that site this is very embarrassing 2- 3 hours still and and waiting for email which they sent for verification .The website is useless.I am very unhappy about the services given by Indian railways.

  9. Praveen Kumar Vishwakarma says

    Gr8,,,. I appreciate the new service.

  10. Madhav Shivpuri says

    Very interesting Arun. The railways seems like an early adopter of tech. More power to them!

  11. Shyju O Sivanandan says

    Sms Ticket for Indian railways.

  12. Robinsh Kumar says

    Hope TC will believe and not take any sweetness behind the pocket!

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