Tata Nano promises India’s most fuel efficient Diesel car at 40 km/litre!


Designing a new product based on certain standards and launching it successfully are altogether two different aspects to be taken care of in a new product offering. This is where most of the new products, especially engineering products, falter and need rectification of error on constant basis.

Needless to say, Ratan Tata’s new engineering dream to see every Indian owning a car which is low on fuel consumption, hit a similar roadblock with a spate of electrical fires, faulty wiring and manufacturing defects even after adhering to strict safety norms and crash tests.

Well, that’s about its past. Now, that the technical defects are resolved; all attention shifts to mileage and fuel efficiency of the petit car. Even reports suggest that Tata Motors is planning to launch a diesel version of Nano which targets a higher mileage of 40 km/litre, rendering it as most fuel efficient car in India.


What’s more? This shall also fulfill Ratan Tata’s vision to shift masses away from bikes and upgrade to cars, with its new diesel variant expected to match the mileage of a typical 180cc motorcycle. The running cost of Re.1 for a kilometer of a car drive is something which none of us could have even dreamt about.

Now that the Nano has been positioned against 2-wheelers, it goes without saying that the competition revolves around the crucial ‘mileage’ factor and fuel economy of the car, which influences an Indian consumer the most. Nano’s petrol version gives an average of about 22 km/litre (in cities) but can go upto 26 km/litre on highway.

The Nano Diesel is expected to run on two-cylinder, 700cc engine without compromising on fuel economy; and being complaint with BS IV emission standards which regulate pollutants released by automobiles.

Nano is the largest-selling Tata model in India with its sales figures reaching 2,56,202 cars, 27% more than the previous year; coming on the back of prompt business recovery strategy led by increased promotional efforts, additional tie-ups with finance institutions to facilitate fast-track loans to borrowers, new comprehensive maintenance contract at just Rs.99 for all new buyers of the car and an extended warranty on Nano to 4 years or 60,000 kms, which ever is earlier, at no extra cost.

At 40 km/litre mileage… I guess, most of the Nano detractors might have to eat their words, if safety aspect is taken care of by Tata Motors. What say?

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  2. Ashok Kumar says


    i am Wating Parches tata Nano Diesel Car ,

  3. Mouneshkumar says

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  4. ???? says

    although this would be a innovative step towards more efficiency but as a matter of fact electrical car would've been more appreciated.

  5. Chakravarthi Mudugu Joshua says

    Hope Tata launches the Nano diesel model soon.

  6. Hotrider says

    Best 10 Fuel efficient Diesel cars in India http://www.indiagarage.com/thread15667.html#post44981

  7. KRISHAN says

    sir pl nano diesel car booking details my email http://[email protected]

  8. jagdish chhaganlal nai says

    i like to tata nano car you are new lonched disel nano the more then populeation car


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  10. Aman says

    I think before launching diesel model, diesel price will be higher than present petrol.
    of course, try it …..perhaps noise reduce….

  11. nitinbhai shah says

    i am waiting for the tata nano diesel car for my self. it is only the most economical and fuel efficient car in India. when and where it launch in India. let us know.



  13. kannaperumal says

    i am very much eager for purches nano diesal car in new year. please lanch it shortly

  14. Prashant Rathore says

    If "TATA NANO DIESEL " wanted to be popular famous successful like "RAJNIKANTH" then it should be really launched by january 2012 and I know it will really break all world records of sales of any 4 wheeler ever on earth anytime anywhere for next even 100 years this record will stay in hunt. mind and remeber my words right thing at right time brings right results! INDIAN public is very emotional so best time to cash in and catch in is january 2012.

    Hey Tata team I wanted to be first customer of TATA NANO DIESEL (TOP MODEL) in INDIA mind it it will break all world records if released and launched at right time in january 2012 , The best time to Launch nano diesel is auto expo 2012 january 2012 then it can break all world records of selling any four wheeler on earth if TATA NANO TEAM and marketing and sales team understands the mentality and psychology of indian public they should launch Tata nano diesel version in january 2012 I m sure it will break all world records of any 4 wheeler sales anywhere on earth!

  15. Rahul Bhendkar says

    I am waiting for buy TATA NANO Diesel Car….

  16. Pravin Supekar says

    I am eagerly waiting for nano diesel version

  17. Jagat Lakra says


  18. Ashok Goyal says

    I am looking forward for the launch of Nano diesel. It would surely give a tough fight for other auto manufactures to match its price as also the fuel economy.

  19. Manoj Singh says


  20. Manoj Singh says

    dil khush kar diya yaar.

  21. Anjan Krishnamurthy says

    Excellent, I looking forward for Diesel ride at least within city limits.

  22. Hedayeat Ullah says

    Will the design will be little improved….Current Nano look is not so stylish.

  23. Sorv Mehra says

    m waiting lot f time for diesel model….

  24. Nishant Kanodia says

    Tata Motors is planning to launch a diesel version of Nano which targets a higher mileage of 40 km/litre, rendering it as most fuel efficient car in India. Nano Diesel is expected to run on two-cylinder, 700cc engine without compromising on fuel economy; and being complaint with BS IV emission standards.

  25. Sunil Singh says

    wait for new year gift.

  26. Anonymous says

    I am waiting for purchase TATA NANO Diesel Car.

  27. Manojit Roy says

    guys any idea… when it will launch?

  28. Shahin Shahul Hameed says

    come on guys….. cant wait for long….. I want this machine in my garage.

  29. Umesh Bm says

    wow…….. awsome… am waiting

  30. Vipin Sharmaji says


  31. Thomas Sam says

    A must car for Indians and neighboring countries.

  32. Siva Sankaran says

    it looks good, expecting eagerly…

  33. Sateesh Karwariya says


  34. Sanjay Kumar says

    I'am waiting for TATA NANO diesel….

  35. Hitendra Madan says


  36. Umar N Sameja says

    waiting for diesel model…….

  37. Pratik Mody says

    superb waiting for tata nano diesal.

  38. Roshan Soni says

    I am eagerly waiting for diesel model…….

    1. Roshan Soni says


  39. Prashant Thokal says

    I am eagerly waiting for diesel model……….

  40. Yash Saxena says


  41. Jacson Jose says


  42. Chandra Sekhar Chakraborty says


  43. Chandra Sekhar Chakraborty says


  44. Jimmy Kukreja says


  45. John says

    This is no good. Tata should go all electric, only electric. Think for the future. Far too many people in India to stay with internal combustion cars.

  46. Altaf Rahman says

    @ Satyam,

    I share your concern for environment. However if we go as explained by Tata people, I dont see how Diesel Nano will casue ‘more’ damage environment.

    It is a fact that we have certain number of car, 2 wheeler manufacturers in India. It is also a fact that they produce vehicles in millions. All these new vehicles consume fuel (either petrol or diesel). As we Indians are very conservative, we do not discard old vehicles. We repair them and use them. That establishes that fuel consumption is going up gradually.

    Now there is no new ‘additional fuel consumption’ due to Tata Nano-Diesel. They are sharing the same vehicular growth. So nothing new.

    Now where Tata Nano-Diesel differs is instead of carving out additional new demand, it is targetting 2 wheeler customers. We know that average fuel consumption of all models of Indian 2 wheelers is around 40kmpl. So some of the new potential 2 wheeler customers will opt for Nano Diesel. What it means is those people who would have bought a 2 wheeler and consumed same quantity of diesel will buy a Nano Diesel and consume the same fuel. For the excess amount they spend in buying a Nano-Diesel (price difference between a nano and 2 wheeler) is for the comfort of concealed space. Instead of all the dust, heat on the face, they travel in comfort. Also if 3 or more people travel on 2 wheeler, it is illegal in India. But for the same money, fuel consumption a family of a husband, wife, 2 kids can travel in Nano.

    All the above is in support of what “Tata people say”

    Now coming to incricate matters, I doubt how much we can take the safety claims of Tata at such low prices. Prices can only come down if some technological changes or compromising on safety features is done. I personally think Tata Nano is not safe for a family. In case of accidents, I see more chances of people getting injured compared to otehr cars.

    Just my two paisa :)

    1. Moorthy says

      dear sathyam and rahman,
      @sathyam i understand what you are trying to explain! Concept is simple, if you are using petrol car you will travel less because fuel price is high and low mileage compared to diesel!
      when we use diesel car with high mileage we would use car frequently which will cause more polution than before!
      i hope sathyam i coming to say this!

      @rahman our innovations should be more environmental friendly we travel towards end of our life!
      after globalization our economy growth is virtual! Not at all levels many things coming to india including dieses MNC s are creating dieses and givining medicines (for money) we youths should eradicate the globlaization dieses! Its is having very less advantage and more disadvantage!

  47. Satyam Gambhir says

    Shall we consider this as a good news or a bad one?

    On one side we see activities that take us closer to nature. banning plastics / going green / printing less,….. done majorly by NGOs (& some hollow CSR departments of corporates) and on the other side we find new ways to kill our environment.

    When i read this news in the newspaper today, i was hurt badly. Not only because it will have a substantial contribution in ruining the environment but also because youngsters will consider it as another achievement of (Ratan) TATA and thereby ignoring environment yet again. :)

    1. Viral says


      How does it go environmentally negative? The Diesel Nano is likely to be more fuel efficient and based on stricter BS IV emission standards.

      In this competitive world, if its not going to be Nano to come out with such fuel efficient models, there is always somebody else to grab this opportunity. Bajaj is already sitting on such plans. We can not stop the automobile sector from growing and tapping new opportunities.

      Yeah, you can say that diesel is being sold at subsidised rates in India. And this gives leeway to car owners to use fuels injudiciously, based on government controlled price.

      Satyam… If there is something else you’re trying to convey, please clarify so that I can get it more precisely :)

      1. Satyam Gambhir says

        :) my thoughts are much clearer than my words seems to be. What we call growth may not be so; rather a step towards unhealthy living.

        We are taught to
        1. Aim for growth; 2. Sell more; 3. Achieve the numbers; 4. get that growth. Thats what MBAs have been taught for long in the classrooms. But never thought what the definition of growth has been. We often mistake by our myopia and consider a problem is solved while actually its just a shift of the fulcrum of the problem.

        If some Poison company appoints you as a CEO. All your objective would be is to sell more and more poison and get those numbers (coz thats ur job). However, it is just that our eyes are glittered with the fancy words of “Automobile Industry Growth” etc etc.. and we cannot see what is beyond those numbers!!! :)

        I am not asking anyone on this earth to change their opinions or stop growing; but growing in the right direction is important.

        If you wanna see how diesel cars are fuel efficient – here is just a glimpse of how efficient they are… though the problems are much more grave than you and me can think of.


        http://bhudav.blog.co.in – This guy might help you understand the truth behind the environment you live in. :)

        Let alone efficiency of any kind of fuel and any kind of car but more cars on road = more environment unfriendly = more problems. That really doesn’t mean we should stop innovating, we must innovate in a way that we utilize our previous innovations and add less and less carbon to the environment.

        1. Satyam Gambhir says

          One more thing buddy!

          When ‘plastic’ was invented; it was supposedly the best invention ever made by man -then!
          Had we known and told the inventor about the problems it could create in future – we would have been termed as crazy-unhuman-&-against growth people. But we all know what plastic has done to us. We are trying to get away with it; but unfortunately we cannot back in time and un-invent it! :)

          Imagine, in 1850s; you are trying to explain to the world that plastic is going to lead to a unhealthy future – and no one on earth believing you!!!! In fact, your friends asking you to clear your thought process ;)

        2. Viral says


          In fact, even I agree every bit with you on grave environmental concerns. But, we’ve more direct problems related to the topic you’re discussing over here – such as ban on plastic, polypropylene and other such elements. If that is done, than the goods made out of such harmful elements will automatically cease to exist.

          But, than again, we’ve whole lot of industry surviving on plastic-related business. How can we stop them from making their living out of it? I know, the social consciousness does not allow thinking about a specific group of people dealing in such products; when it comes to larger public interest.

          Moreover, the reach of plastic-related business have become so deep-rooted into the system, that lakhs of people are thriving in dealing with this unhealthy product. We need sound regulatory environment to take us out of this mess. And at the same time, an alternative source of industry to employ people working in plastic industries.

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