Maruti to launch all models in CNG!


The management at Maruti is not only getting saner with time but also wiser. With a recent tie up with Google, they have decided to spend more on digital advertisements and social media as they now understand where their buyers for tomorrow prefer to interact. This has helped them reach more number of relevant audiences and avoid print ads.

Recently they have starting thinking of launching all their models as CNG versions as that would be more environment friendly and efficient at the same time. Currently more than 10% of their sales comprise of CNG variants and efforts are being made to increase the same.


Since CNG is available only in NCR, some parts of Maharashtra and Gujarat; it launches all the models as CNG vehicles. Maruti plans to get ready for the launching CNG variant of all their models in other parts of the country as soon as the govt. takes some steps to expand the CNG network in the country.

Unlike, other competitors in the industry, who are trying to innovate on the fuel efficiency part to get more sales; Maruti is also emphasizing to have better environment to drive your cars in.

Do you believe this move by Maruti will affect TATA’s plan of making fuel efficient NANO? As CNG versions of even LMVs like Alto, Ritz, Swift etc are already more efficient than ‘would-be’ Diesel NANO.

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