Top most consumer friendly banks in India!


Indian Banking sector has come a long way in past decade or so – Gone are the days when you have to run to the physical Bank branch for every small thing. I clearly remember the days when “Going to Bank” was a routine & frustrating  experience for all of us (I am sure many of you remember the long queues in front of teller window). Not that we don’t visit banks at all today, but 90% of our banking work now-a-days is done through internet, ATM’s or through mobile phones.

Earlier Banks never had something called as customer service department – At most you had a single individual sitting in a bank’s corner with long queue of people waiting for their issues to get resolved. But now, not only do banks have 24X7 call centers, but also proactively get in touch with their customers to resolve their issue.

Additionally, with the advent of Mobile Banking, consumers are now literally carrying their bank on mobile phones! Some banks are going even further and using creative ways to reach to consumers!

Having said that, some banks have been slow in adopting technology while others have embraced it and have made life simpler for consumers.

So, which are these banks who have risen above the others in making consumers feel more welcome ? A first every study conducted by Outlook Money & TNS gives you insight on which Indian Banks have been most consumer friendly based on 17 different parameters. Out of all the Indian Banks, 15 were found to be eligible for this study.

Top Most Consumer Friendly Banks in India

Top friendly Banks in India

The most consumer friendly bank in India is Corporation Bank, followed by Axis Bank and Central Bank of India. I was little surprised when I saw Corporation Bank ranked at the top – I was betting on HDFC Bank to be the most consumer friendly (I have been their customer for past 15 years), but it ranked a respectable 4th.

Surprisingly, ICICI Bank, one of India’s largest bank by turnover, did not even make it to shortlisted 15 banks. There are no details on the shortlisting parameters so I cannot really comment. I find it quite odd that ICICI Bank would fare poorly thank some of these top 15 banks in India.

Ranking on Individual Parameters

  1. Disclosure about charges and interest rates – Corporation Bank
  2. Pro-active communication about new products/services – Corporation Bank
  3. Trustworthiness – HDFC Bank
  4. Complaint Resolution – Central Bank of India
  5. Wide ATM coverage – HDFC Bank
  6. Professionalism of the company –
  7. Convenient banking hours – Corporation Bank
  8. Well-trained staff – Bank of Baroda
  9. Courteous and friendly staff – Corporation Bank
  10. Faster service at branches – Corporation Bank
  11. Knowing the customer and their needs – Corporation Bank
  12. Good Internet banking – Axis Bank
  13. Efficient processes – Bank of Baroda
  14. Effective communication on developments – Axis Bank
  15. Innovative company – Union Bank of India
  16. Good phone banking – Axis Bank
  17. Hard-selling products that customers do not want – Corporation Bank

If your bank is one of the top 5 banks in India, you should be quite happy – Your money is in safe hands and your bank values you !

  1. Nirmala Gaekwad says

    I don’t know how central bank of India made it to the list. they really suck. I hate the bank employees. They provide the worst customer service.Everyone behaves as if they are busy in saving the world and treat their customers as if they are some third class people and they are doing some ‘daya’ over us especially the ‘buddha’ employees and even the younger folk as well.I request all of you to never go to CBI.

  2. Saba says

    ICICI is worst bank and by the same way SBI has many consumer oriented services, but SBI staffs are so worst and I hate to go to SBI because of this. (not only myself bu my friends too)

  3. j.kamalakar says


  4. j.kamalakar says


    1. Dr MAHESH says

      ICICI bank some staff are not worthy of their post.Overall its good servicece though charges are relatively high.As the service is given and the timing from 8am to 8pm is not comparable to any one.And online pw retriwal is also ossam.I do banking with SBI,KARNATAKA BANK(loan section worked good for me),HDFC(some offers are really good)but charges are high.

      1. Dilip Kumar says

        Pmc bank in Bangalore gives you 360 days banking from 10-6pm try it

  5. Samudra Bordoloi says

    Hey you all forgot about a bank named SBI. A bank mostly with a worst staff !

  6. R Sai Srinivas says

    City Union Bank Ltd is the best bank in India. It outperforms all public sector and private sector becoz

    01. Excellent Reception & Assistance
    02. Lowest Service Charges in India
    03. Lowest min balances
    04. Many services free which r chargeable in other PSU and private banks

    All netizens here can confirm this by paying a visit to the branch in their cities

  7. Deepak Devdas says

    good to see some public sector banks on top.

  8. mukesh jampal says

    i totally dis agree with this chart bcoz i am doing txns with icici i never face any issue and services and products are too good

  9. nilesh mehra says

    Andhra bank also has a very good service , yes but it has a very limited network

  10. ASIF AHMED says

    axis bank is worst bank in the world

    1. axshar says

      Totally agree with U.. Absolutely rude bank employees..acting as if they R doing a big favor for us by doing their job..AXIS BANK SUCKS!!

  11. Sushant Sahoo says

    ICICI Bank definitely sucks big time. However, just because City Bank or HSBC didn't make it the list doesn't really mean they are worse than the ones that barged into the #15 list. I wouldn't believe in such a survey stats. A bank is just as well as the staff it deploys.

  12. Susrut Mishra says

    Hell with HDFC – Thinking of moving to Corporation Bank.

  13. Rajorshi Basu says

    Axis rocks…

    1. Subrata Kumar says

      how axis rocks?it provide more intrest like 17%

    2. Rajorshi Basu says

      Subrata Kumar chck the poll above then ul know tht y Axis rocks !

  14. Shaveta Pathak says

    God bless those who have to deal with ICICI bank…

    1. Pranav Sethi says

      i've'nt been to my bank (ICICI) in 11 years and i've the most used primary a/c with them…….

  15. Viral says

    Just wanted to add over here that Union Bank of India’s customer care department was very polite and informative in solving my technical problems related to e-banking facilities. Even being a PSB, their readily available service was very acceptable. Kudos to them!

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