43.7 million Indian users use Mobile Banking


Mobile Banking is one of the most popular services used by Indians – More than 43.7 million mobile users used Mobile banking services in one form or the other.


Here are the breakup of various Mobile Banking services used for the quarter ending August 2009:

Nature of Mobile Banking Services

Unique Users

Used mobile banking


Checking account balance


View last three transactions


Status of cheques


Payment reminders


Request a cheque book


As far as the demographic of users go – Close to 60% of mobile banking users fall in the bracket of Rs. 1 to 5 Lakh income group.

While the most popular Bank which was accessed for Mobile banking was ICICI Bank with 17.75 million users. HDFC accounts for second most subscribers with 9.1 million subscribers followed by State Bank of India with 6.13 million subscribers.

Its interesting that I have not used any of the mobile Banking services. Everything I do with my bank is on the Internet (Offcourse I am like 24 hrs on it:)

[The above numbers have been provided by Vital Analytics – source  for mobile marketing intelligence]

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  2. Arpan Kar says

    Hi…nice article..
    btw can u plz quote the source of this data?

  3. Arun Prabhudesai says

    Because I have internet 24/7 with me..I find Internet Banking much better than mobile banking..

  4. movies in Mumbai says

    Hey any good reason why you don’t rely on mobile banking?

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