Weekly Wrap-up: Google Doodles, 3G Internet, iPad2 launch, Internet Kill switch & more…


Its bright sunny Monday morning and time for our weekly wrap-up. Let us look at some of the buzzing stories for last week.


Interestingly, the start and the end of last week was both celebrated by India-centric Google Doodles. On Monday we had Google Doodle dedicated to Alam Ara – First Indian movie with Sound. While, Sunday was celebrated with Holi Google Doodle!

India has now become the largest importer of weapons and Military equipment, going past China. It accounts for over 9% of all the global weapons import that happen as compared to China’s 6%.

Have a look at before & after images of Japan Earthquake and subsequent Tsunami. One cannot comprehend the damage that this natural disaster has caused to Japanese people!

Now, nearly all telecom providers have started offering 3G services in India (either partially or fully). Vodafone is hoping to differentiate itself from others by launching a MiFi internet device, which I think can be a real winner!

I don,t think a single month passes by without some or the other corruption scandal. Have a look at just how negatively corruption impact’s businesses.

Ok, it finally looks like Apple is taking India seriously and is planning to announce iPad 2 in India sooner rather than later.

Last week Indian Government proposed certain amendments in IT Act 2008 and on of the interesting clauses put forth is about the Internet Kill switch.

With India back on the growth track, India Inc. is now recruiting at hectic pace. However, at the same time they are going all out to retain their existing employees. It is kind of becoming a cat & mouse game.

Indian Ecommerce market is showing impressive growth over past 3-4 years. However, the numbers are hugely dominated by Travel segment alone.

Coming back to 3G services – One thing that has been confusing me is the real 3G speeds. What are they – 2mbps, 7.2 mbps or 21 mbps ?

Here is state-wise distribution of Broadband Subscribers in India.

And do you know which telecom Operator has gained the most from Mobile Number Portability? It is Vodafone!

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