Japan Earthquake disaster Before & After satellite Images!


Japan Earthquake / Tsunami disaster has been a heart–wrenching incident. After seeing some of the live videos of the Earthquake and subsequent Tsunami, one cannot even comprehend what thousands of Japanese people are going through.

Japan is a country that has spent Billions on anti-quake measures. They are technologically most advanced country to handle such quakes and Tsunamis, due to which literally hundreds & thousands have been unscathed even after a strong quake measuring 9.0 on Richter scale (It is amongst the top 10 worst quakes of all time).

But, even after all the preventive measures, humans can do little when it comes to Nature’s Fury. The before and after Satellite images released by Google on its Picasa photo sharing site give you an idea of how bad this really was !

Google Before / After Tsunami Satellite Images


Quake 1


Quake 1 after


Quake 2


Quake  after


Quake 5


Quake 5 after


Quake 3


Quake 3 after

Before / After

Quake Before-After

You can see many such full resolution images here

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