Indian Aviation statistics: Indigo, Kingfisher rule!


The aviation Industry has been growing over past few months after witnessing some of the worst times, thanks to increased taxes, high fuel prices, Union fights and standoffs ! The aviation Industry has also been in news for all the wrongs reasons…

But, things are surely getting better with Aviation Industry registering close to 50% growth year on year as well as month on month.

aviation Industry growth

According to latest report released by Aviation ministry, there has been a sustained growth in both the capacity and demand which continued even in the month of January, 2011.


Indian Aviation Industry Market Share

Indigo and Kingfisher remained the top performers in the Industry on back of good and timely services. Kingfisher currently holds 19.5% percent Indian market share closely followed by Indigo Airlines which has 19.2% market share. Although, the Jet Airways and Jet Lite combined market share is higher at 24.8 percent !

aviation industry market share


Seat Factor

On back of festive peak season, December saw tremendous growth in seat factor ratio, with Indigo registering maximum seat factor of 93.3%. However, Jan seat factors dipped on lower demand.

airliners seat factor

Flight Cancellations

Indigo scored very well in this area as well which registered lowest cancellation ratio of just 0.5 percent. Spicejet (0.9%) and Jet Airways (1.3%) also witnessed quite less cancellations. On other hand, JetLite was by far the worst performer with 3.5 percent flight cancellations!

Flight cancellation ratio

Passenger Complaints

Now this one is a surprise – Air India performed better than all other carriers registering least passenger complaints with only 1.2 in 10,000  passengers complaining about various services . Go Air was the worst performer with just over 5 passengers in 10k complaining about their services.

passenger complaints

Out of the total complaints, 29 percent of all were for lost baggage, while 5.9 percent were refund related issues!

Isn’t it surprising that passengers flying on Air India complain the least !

  1. Yuvaraj Raj says

    I need last year annual report of indigo and spice jet.

  2. Mahija Reddy says

    need last two years financials of 2 profit making and 2 loss making airlines.

    1. Gaurav says

      Dear Mahija,

      Do you have the financials of the airlines in India for the last 10 year. If yes, please share them with me.



  3. Bipin chandra pant says

    The Indian aviation industry, post independence, has been one of a closed door operation. The government owned both the operating airlines. Indian Airlines (now renamed Indian) catered to the domestic sector while Air India had the total control of the international route operations. Foreign airlines trying to land in India had a tough time in securing the landing rights. Also, air travel was priced high and perceived to be an elitist mode of transport. It was only in the mid nineties that this sector saw some liberalization with the private carriers being permitted to operate. Thereafter, it was a continuous process of phased liberalization with permission being given to many operators to enter the sector. Similarly, the private carriers were even allowed to operate from India to destinations abroad.

  4. Bipin chandra pant says

    The aviation industry in India is in the halcyon days of a boom. The estimated growth rate of over 20 percent has attracted global attention and interest. There has been an exponential growth in air traffic aided by the high growth in the number of passengers flying. Every other day there is news of a new airline entering the sector. The entry of low cost carriers totally changed the face of this sector by attracting higher end railway passengers to fly. Still, the fact that only over one percent of the total Indian population of around 121 crores uses aircraft as a mode of transport indicates the enormous untapped potential of the market. However, on the flip side, the infrastructure for handling this sudden growth has been found to be totally inadequate and only now the government is gradually taking steps to improve the same.

  5. Siddharth says

    “Isn’t it surprising that passengers flying on Air India complain the least !”

    — Nopes. Since people *expect* them to be the worst and don’t bother to complain.
    Also, no. of complaints are proportional to the no. of passengers. The complaints chart should be (weighted) averaged out per passenger to get the true picture.

  6. sahil khan says

    Air India ‘registered’ only that many complaints. So that’s all that’s there on record. :P

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      hahaha Sahil good one… probably that could be the reason :)

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