Which Indian Telecom Provider offers Best 3G mobile services? [Poll]


I have already got on the 3G bandwagon – Have used 3G data card and also 3G sim card on mobile and I have not been too happy with it. I am not going to name the provider – But this post essentially is to find out from collective wisdom of readers as to who is the best 3G service provider in the country.


So, I urge you to take the following poll and let us (as well as our readers know) who is the best 3G service provider in the country. You can vote based on what you have experienced yourself or based on what you have heard from your friends who have used 3G services.

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We will run be running this survey for about a month. Do help us in finding out who is the best of all.

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  2. Aman Duhan says

    i saw a lot of people claiming that vodafone is the best. i have been using vodafone 3g for a year now and and it only provides 3g speed for less than 30% of the time. for the remainder of time its is much slower than even a dial up. i came here to see if i could switch to a better network but i guess, no matter what service provider it is 3g and 4g is just a label, they all suck and vodafone the worst according to me.

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  4. kanishka says

    reliance doesn’t gives proper 3g speed and it usually used to get disconnected after a short while.

    1. John J says

      I am using Idea Data Card 3G Netsetter @Rs.650/- p.m. since January 2014. But the Speed I get is only upto 250 Kbps and that also not consistently. It drops to 0 most of the times. Can you enlighten me on this?

  5. IndiaMarks says

    We are using Tata Docomo and we haven't encountered any issues as yet. It's been 2 years since we using Tata DOCOMO 3G service. The best part is they have reduced almost 50% cost recently. Which is very good for our pocket. :)

  6. Mohit Mehta says

    Airtel and BSNL I have tried, they are worst. I dont know about others.

  7. Apeksha Singh says

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  8. Radha says

    I checked video download on http://toptvsite.com from idea 3g, bsnl 3g & Vodafone.
    I found Idea the best as it gave non stop streaming.

  9. krrrish says

    In India, 3g and 4g terms mean NOTHING. The birth rate is high. Infrastructure available very low. They will cram 1000 users onto each cell tower each at minimal speeds and call it 4g. there isn’t even a consumer body to report true statistical studies of networks across time and across space. merely taking useless spot polls such as this, you fill your blog with useless information.

    1. Amborish Nath says

      absolutely, BSNL is known to do this, they promise 2 mbps ….give around 200kbps at the most 350kbps…..go for vodafone, the costliest yet the best…

  10. Azad Cp says

    Idea is the winner.

  11. Shivam Insan says

    voda is the best.

  12. Areeba Khan says

    I am getting a flash speed of 7mb/s downlink.
    and 2mb/s uplink :)

    Tata Docomo Still Rules :)

  13. Gershwyn Serrao says

    is thee ultimate.

  14. Mehul Dangar says


  15. Anonymous says

    I got maximum of 750kbps download with reliance 3g on comp.

  16. Muhammad Khurshed says

    BSNL…….. No doubt saasta and Tikauuuuu..

  17. Atif Zaidi says

    @Mubarak Bro It Internet Speed Also Depends On The USB Port Of Your Lappy Whether Its 2.0 Or 3.0.

    1. Atif Zaidi says


  18. Atif Zaidi says

    @Arun One Should Use A USB Modem Than 3G Phone To Get Max. Out Of GSM Broadband.

  19. Atif Zaidi says

    Getting Whopping 4.3 Mbps Speed.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Are you serious…who is your service provider ?

    2. Atif Zaidi says

      @Arun Prabhudesai Its Vodafone

  20. Atif Zaidi says

    Iam In Gwalior Right Now Vodafone Here Is Best Uses Idea's 3G Network.

  21. Dagonzz says

    But we stil have hope after 10 to 20 years hehehehe

  22. Mubarak Karim says

    I have used BSNL, Airtel, Idea, Vodafone and Tata docomo, in my experience.
    the best one is Tata Docomo giving the maximum of EDGE AND 3G speed without interference.
    the second rank is for Vodafone but it's much costly than others.
    the worst one is Airtel in my region giving around 2 kbps speed in EDGE and no 3g available.

  23. Abhijit Angne says

    Vodafone is worst.

  24. Anupam says

    We are in india we can never expect 3G even broadband speeds are like GPRS

  25. Pravish Tiwari says

    are kisko chiye 3g….time kiske pass hai…uninor is the best.

  26. Pravin Singh Chauhan says

    Not sure about the best but VodaFone is the worst, not only 3G but other services including normal calling features.

  27. Jay says

    As far as I know Vodafone is yet to come out with its 3G plan. So how can these polls be conducted when certain operators are yet to launch 3G?

  28. Prajwal Kabra says

    How can u have such polls even when the operators like idea & aircel haven’t even launched 3g in any single area leave the circle alone..

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