Weekly Wrap-up: ISRO Scam, Stock Picks, App Bazar, Budget Expectations, DRDO & more…


Here is a look at some of the buzzing stories of last week.

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Even as of today there are more television channels that is required, but Government thinks that there need to be more as it is allowing more TV channels to come into existence!

Indian people are getting richer and demand for foreign Luxury brands is growing. Luxury products are making a bee-line to enter India. Do you think 2011 will be year of Luxury Brands ?

I am sure you must have heard things like this – XYZ company offers campus salaries of 15 Lakh a year or 20 Lakh a year. But that is just name-sake… Have you really tried to find out, how much salary does that guy really get in hand ?

The Scam series continues – Yet another scam seems to have been unearthed and it looks like it is even bigger than the 2G spectrum scam!

Are you a gadget freak? You like latest Mobiles and Tablets…then read this – Tablets comparison: iPad Vs PlayBook Vs Xoom Vs Streak [Infographic]

We are nearing the budget season and here are our top 10 expectations for this years’ Union budget!

America is now turning to India for everything – Obama urges US businesses to feed on Indian Middle-class Population

This had to happen sooner or later – App Bazar – World’s first India-centric Android app store coming up!. And, I am glad it is done by some real bright folks from Pune.

Stock Market has been sliding for past few weeks. Infact, benchmark sensex has come down by over 3000 points over last few days. However, if you are looking to invest in stocks, now could be the best time – Here are our Top 10 stocks to pick up in this falling market!

I am not sure if this is true letter or just a fake. But if it is true, I admire Nokia CEO for his honesty and his understanding of Nokia’s situation currently.

DRDO has been in news recently. Now they it seems they have a new strategy in Place. Target Students !

The telecom growth  continues – India reaches 787 Million Telecom subscribers … Mobile Subscribers stand at 752 million!

Although, enrolment in schools are on the rise – the quality of education is dropping alarmingly. The performance of students has taken a dip..

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