JPC probe in 2G scam – thousand of crores lost on stalled Parliamentary proceedings!


The 2G spectrum allocation scam has already been busted and claimed the portfolio of former telecom minister A Raja. But, that does not decouple the government from being accountable on the controversy over licenses and radio airwaves that were doled out cheaply, which deprived the exchequer of up to Rs.1.76 lakh crore as per the CAG report.

The opposition parties have immobilized proceedings in both the House of Parliament since more than 35 days, demanding for a constitution of a Parliamentary Committee (JPC) probe into alleged irregularities in 2G spectrum allocation, Commonwealth Games scam and Adarsh Housing Society scandal. [must read – Top corruption scams in India ]


As the opposition remained adamant over their demand on a JPC probe, the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh offered to appear before parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on the 2G spectrum issue, in a bid to save the washout of winter session of Parliament. However, the prime minister’s offer does not cut much ice with the BJP-led opposition, which is pressing for a JPC probe into the scam.

Further, the BJP is threatening to derail the budget session as well, if Congress does not give into its demand for a JPC probe. Moreover, the government which was likely to table legislation for GST in Parliament in the winter session has been frozen due to disruptions, and is likely to see further delay in the GST launch.

Despite CBI inquiry into 2G spectrum issue and Supreme Court monitoring it and asking for a report by February 14, BJP has stubbornly stuck with its demand for a joint parliamentary probe. Questions are being raised whether such disruptions of Parliamentary procedures is killing the democracy?

It is putting to hold the right of people’s representatives for initiating discussions by creating a deadlock in the Parliament; apart from wasting nation’s time and crores of rupees for not functioning of Parliament.

According to a report, every minute of disruption in Parliamentary proceedings costs Rs. 26000 to the nation’s tax-payers, which sums up to thousands of crores if the total number of hours and days lost due to stalled proceedings are put on paper.

That does not mean to say that opposition parties should not raise their voice against the brewing scams that have hit the nation’s growth and prosperity, but it is to say that lodge your protest and views such that the Parliamentary functioning is not put to ransom.

On a personal note, I would like to point out that endeavors such as JPC has not really yielded meaningful results in the past instances – be it Harshad Mehta fiasco or Bofors scam. Rather, such confidence-shattering scandals, of the magnitude of 2G scam, should be entrusted to country’s judiciary system for a thorough investigation.

Going by the logic, Parliament is supreme as it is suppose to represent the people, and hence the demand for JPC to delve deeper into the corruption is a justified expectation. However, with Indians still having faith in our judiciary, a probe led by CBI under the supervision of the Apex Court bodes well for the nation; even as this would save the Parliamentary proceedings from being disrupted by endless debates on the given issue.

Is JPC probe really required to bring justice on the table? what are your views?

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