Using Pre-Paid Connection? Here is how you can get the best deals on recharge..


Are you a pre-paid card user for your mobile connection? If yes, here is some small suggestion for you to take a note about – if you’re the one who value every bit of your penny or talk-time value.

Personally, I’ve been a pre-paid mobile user with Vodafone connection since at least 7-8 years now. Though, even I’ve been approached, like most of you, by the company representatives to convert my low usage pre-paid connection into post-paid billing system which accrues fixed rental costs to the company to say the least.

But, I’ve always preferred to stick with my pre-paid payment system (for my low usability profile) where I can keep tweaking my monthly/quarterly recharges depending upon the changes in my usability profile – Sometimes I take-up SMS schemes, other times it could be Vodafone-to-Vodafone subsidized call charges scheme and now-a-days even GPRS schemes for surfing mobile internet.

Over the course of period, I’ve also run-out of talk-time balance like most of the common people do. Occasionally, my connection has also approached close to my validity period. And, I periodically place a check that my talk-time balance does not turn into nil or my validity period should not expire leaving me disconnected to the outer world.


You might well argue – so, why am I discussing all this matters over here? Why don’t I replenish my requirements for few days well in advance- so that I can be tension free for the remaining period?

Here is what my experience says until now – Whenever I’ve approached either of the two – running out of talk-time or validity period (or even both) – some or the other specifically targeted scheme pops-up as a text message from Vodafone to lure me into topping up my account. Though not always – but only occasionally.

Let me give you a recent example for a clear understanding. Just a couple of days back, the talk-time had depleted to as low as Rs.9/- for my connection, and even my validity period was due to expire over next few days.

Every time I used to make a call to somebody, the calls were preceded by an alerting voice of a lady saying that ‘your account balance is so and so and please recharge it from your nearest Vodafone store’. So what next…?

One day prior to the expiry of my validity period, I reached to a mobile shop which offers recharge facilities for all the mobile operators. Here comes the surprise! Just as I was discussing with the shop-owner about various recharge coupons with different validity terms, came a SMS from VM-Offer (i.e., Vodafone).

Here is what it said:

VM-Offer : Hello! You have heard the best deal for you! Recharge with Rs.320 and get Rs.350 more than full talk-time!  Recharge before 00:00 hours tonight!

Was I game for this recharge offer? Yes! Quickly enough, I planned out a deal for myself. At first, I opted for a recharge worth Rs.349/- coupled with 180 days (6 months) validity period with a meager talk-time of Rs.130/-. Once that was done, I recharged with a top-up plan worth Rs.320 which came along with a talk-time of Rs.350 – the one that I received as a message from Vodafone right at the shop’s footstep.

To sum it up, I ended up paying Rs.669/- and earned a talk-time of Rs.480/- for a 6 month validity period effectively. Let me point out over here that it was a good timely offer, but not too good an offer that I need to mention over here.

But, what I need to point out is that, occasionally if you wait out patiently until at least a couple of days before your validity or talk-time depletes – you might be in for a positive surprise by way of some luring offer from the service provider based on your user profile.

It is just an expression of thought. Of course, it is not compulsive. Just try out your luck – who knows? Some customized offer could be in store for you as well :)

I would also love to hear if you have some tricks up your sleeve, the helps you save money on your mobile bills !

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  1. Aseem Rastogi says

    But dont u think we end up paying much more in terms of daily rentals n stuff like tht in all these packages?

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