Kochi IPL Team Saga: Twitter, the Battleground!


Twitter has become a battleground of sorts – some smaller wars fought some bigger with far reaching implications. By now everyone knows (especially after today’s front page Times of India Coverage) about the bitter fight ensuing between IPL head-honcho Lalit Modi and Shashi Tharoor (who allegedly has played a key role in bringing IPL team to Kochi / Kerala).

Although Kochi Team was by a consortium called Rendezvous sports – the people behind this consortium is not known, and that’s the center of all the controversy.

What is interesting is that lot of the communication (aka controversial comments) have been put up on twitter and that has irked both sides equally – It really looks like the battleground.

Here is what Lalit Modi put up on his twitter page


Shashi Tharoor Twitter Reply to allegations


Shashi Tharoor took a more restrained approach and wrote a blog post explaining his side of the story.

(Update) One important statement he made was –

8. On the question of my interests in the franchise, I repeat that I am proud to have helped the consortium come to Kerala. I have neither invested nor received a rupee for my mentorship of the team. Whatever my personal relationships with any of the consortium members, I do not intend to benefit in any way financially from my association with the team now or at a later stage.

I am sure this is not the last of the wars that we are going to see on twitter. There are many more to come, when twitter will be center stage of controversial comments.

I am enjoying this – I am sure you are as well ! Lets see what this controversy leads to :)

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