Now, ISRO vying for low-cost Space Tourism


We have mentioned this earlier, last couple of years have been fabulous for India’s journey into space. Now, moving further, India Space Research Organization (ISRO) is vying for low-cost Space Tourism.

Yes, if you’re bored of those five-star hotel visits or first class luxury flights – you can have a day dream of flying in the space for a tour to the Moon and the Mars, and that too at (relatively) lower cost

Until now, we are well aware of the news of ISRO launching of advanced communications satellite which will put into orbit for the first time by a cryogenic engine developed by its own ISRO scientists. It is slated for launch on April 15 from the space center at Sriharikota.


ISRO chief is aiming at the sky at a cheaper price for setting up a base on the Moon and mars. Dr K Radhakrishnan has said that ISRO is exploring new strategies and technologies for human space flight programs, low cost access to tourism and the colonization of Mars and the Moon.

According to a report, the opportunities in space tourism, until now, had been limited and been an expensive proposition as a part of offer from Russian Space Agency at a price of $20-35 million, out of reach of middle class public. Presently, US, Russia and Japan have started to have a habitat in Mars by 2030. Space tourists usually sign contracts with third parties.

Indian can play an important role in the development of low-cost space tourism based on its affordable space technologies. ISRO was allocated a budget of $1.27 billion for 2009-2010. The trip to Mars is estimated to be of duration of 250 days journey.

With India’s success of Chandrayaan-I program at a relatively low-cost, ISRO is more ecstatic about the viability of affordable space tourism theme and that it has already began work with a starting budget of Rs.5000 crore.

Every un-treaded path is attractive and challenging and provides for a nerve of surprise. The journey to the outer world of space is now likely to be more affordable from being very expensive until now to less expensive in the near future.

If you’re from the club of those millionaires (no need to be a billionaire), and if your childhood dream, which felt very unlikely then, was to fly in the outer space, possibly you’re in to fulfill those dreams in your current life time.

Are you planning to book your ticket to space?

  1. Altaf Rahman says

    When reading this article the very first sarcastic feeling that comes to mind is Indian movie industry.
    Indian movie industry is so devoid of ideas (except a few) that they want to copy or improvise on the same pathetic idea repeatedly, unashamedly.
    This article I feel will give them a new twist, a new idea. How about a song sequence with hero and heroin suspended in space? How about the villian has a den on other planet and hero goes there to bust him? How about a fight scene on moon?
    Indian movies are never ashamed to boast of the film budget (spent on expensive fight settings, song scenes in exotic locations, on heroine’s saries instead of realistic approach). Now they can spend few million dollars to take film crew / artists to space to shoot few scenes and advertize in media of the “First time in the world” hype.
    Though my comment is sarcastic, this is the very first wave of demand for ISRO space tourism that comes to my mind.

    1. balaji says

      What is the point of the above comment.Film makers make movies not to boast of budget but to make profits.Who in the world is “ashamed” of making big budget movies and why should they be.Why it is that only in India that people of wealth or the display of wealth is considered as a criminal/sin(a stupid socialist view).They are all giving employment to millions of Indians with their spending which the inefficient government has failed to do so in sixty years of socialist reforms.

      1. Viral says

        Hello Balaji,

        I feel the above comment maker (Altaf Rahman) is trying to discredit the film industry about the lack of ideas for making their films on. He is not criticising the ‘big budget’ films. but through that medium just trying to convey his creative thoughts of better and innovative utilization of big budgets in bid to come out on top.

        The comment is possibly from a different aspect of thinking on part of innovation and not exactly a critical comment towards show ‘Show of wealth’.

        Well, thats what I can make out from Altaf’s comment. The comment is based on igniting innovation through such new means of depicting space involvement and pics in movie. Whether it is realistic or not… is a different issue of debate!

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