Water on Moon – Chandrayaan & Nasa do it again !


Finding water on Moon is a huge thing – More than you can imagine. Last September, Chandrayaan – I, India’s maiden Moon probe Mission vehicle gave conclusive evidence that there is water on Moon.


Now, again NASA’s radar instrument on an Indian moon probe found evidence of at least 600 million metric tons of water ice spread out on the bottom of craters at the lunar north pole.

Water can play a pivotal role in making Moon itself a base for Astronauts – Lunar Ice water can be broken up to give limitless supply of oxygen. The ice could be melted into drinking water or be separated into its component oxygen and hydrogen to provide breathing air and rocket fuel.

Now, it is very much a possibility that we may see small colonies being setup on Moon in not too distant future :) Imagine that ! India launched Chandrayaan-1 probe in October 2008 and carried 11 instruments to observe the moon from lunar orbit. It was India’s first moon probe and carried an impactor probe that it unleashed in November 2008.

India plans on sending its successor – Chandrayaan-2 probe in 2013 ! Jai Ho !

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  1. Navish Kotwal says

    proud to be an indian.. govt should start some good resarch projects on space mission and give opportunity to young scholars.. congratulations finally

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