BSNL brings Mobile WIMAX to India – Capable of 37 mbps speeds !


Ok, don’t get all too excited with that 37 mbps Jargon, I just said that it capable of delivering that kind of speeds  – Whether it gives even fraction of that needs to be seen.


Unlike many countries, we have by-passed the broadband revolution and moved straight to Mobile Internet revolution – The reason is simple – India, currently has close to 600 million mobile subscribers, and majority of those (atleast now) are internet enabled. Nokia understood that first hand and has recently launched cheapest 3G phone in the market.

Coming back to our point –

BSNL today commercially launched the country’s first mobile broadband fourth generation Internet access network–Mobile WiMAX in Kerala. BSNL is the first operator in the country to launch the service.

WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) technology, can provide a speed of up to 37 mbps. It is being deployed in Kerala with 900 BTS (Base Transmitting Stations) to cover the entire Kerala State.

Even though, the technology is capable of giving you 37 mbps speeds, you will only be getting maximum of 2mbps. The two plans that BSNL has launched – Home Plan with a fixed monthly charge of Rs 999 while the Business plan is Rs 1,999 for a band width 512 to 2 mbps.

I dont think this really makes much of difference – Does it?

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