Top 10 Popular Posts [Weekly Recap]


We had slew of posts this week that were quite popular with our readers – Here is a recap of best of the week.


  • Americans scientists have developed a new technology – an electronic film filter called the ClearPlay system – which can be integrated into the next generation of DVD players, to skip and mute content based on various different categories that one can customize as per their preference.
  • An Interesting and important policy change in Mutual Funds has come about regarding dividend pay-out to the unit holders. If you have Mutual Funds you should read this.
  • As usually we do – Our Telecom Tuesday covered the most buzzing Telecom stories of the week
  • If you are thinking about investing in stock markets, here is a wonderful post on the sectors that could very well be the winners in 2010 – The top 5 sectors for FY 2010 –11
  • If you didn’t know, here is an interesting information – India’s per capita Energy consumption one of the lowest in the world !
  • Internet users in India are growing, but not at the pace they should. In a country of more than billion people we have only 52 million active Internet users. Also, rural India has beaten urban India in the number of Internet users.
  • There are 2 sides to Indian real estate story – While the residential property market is seeing a surge ( in some cases at record rates), on the other hand, commercial property market (office spaces) are still reeling under pressure, with over 18% vacancy rates
  • A wonderful post by Rabi Gupta on what is more important for an entrepreneur –Experience Vs Risk!
  • And, I am quite surprised that Orkut is still popular in India as compared to Facebook.

Hope you are having a great weekend :)

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  1. Viral says

    Hello Arun,

    Is this a new initiative to enlist the top rated posts of the week?

    In fact, this seems to ge a good idea to give a round-up of the posts during the week, so that readers can have in front of them a summarized view of all the top picked posts.

    Add to it, due to fast-paced nature of blog posts, it could be possible to that readers may miss a particular good article due to their own busy schedule of work. So, if they have missed any, they can figure it out in this bird’s view glance of postings.

    Whether you should provide a ‘Weekly Recap’ or a ‘Bi-monthly Recap’, I leave it on you. :D

    What say Friends?

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