Now, You can Filter the Objectionable Content on a DVD at Home


Until now, we had come across the concept of child lock on television channels to prevent children from accessing any dangerous or unwanted content. But, in this era of DVD usage, what would you do while watching a film or a documentary, with potentially offensive scenes, on a DVD with pre-loaded content, while viewing it along with your family and children?


Americans scientists have developed a new technology – an electronic film filter called the ClearPlay system – which can be integrated into the next generation of DVD players, to skip and mute content based on various different categories that one can customize as per their preference.

The viewing preferences while using ClearPlay filters that can be controlled and treated , either to muting the voice content or skipping certain clips and objectionable film parts, include violence, blood, swearing, blasphemy and other offensive and adult rated content, depending upon the preference of the viewer and audience of the content on DVD. Thus, different types of parental controls can be applied on to the DVD movie.

The ClearPlay filters will be available for hundreds of films already out and will be ready for new films within 48 hours of their DVD release. The system has been developed by a team of American scientists which had earlier invented VideoPlus, the system which simplified recording of television programs.

You can store approximately 300 Filters on your DVD at any one time. You can as well add and remove filters as often as you like. One can download new ClearPlay Filters from Clearplay to their computer on signing up for the membership and download charges, and than add these filters to the USB flash drive. Further, ClearPlay filters can be added to the compatible DVD players using this USB flash drive.

The ClearPlay feature also provides additional information from the DVD, apart from the list and content that do not fall under ClearPlay feature settings, to help you to decide if a movie is appropriate for your home. In short, it even highlights the non-featuring contents of ClearPlay feature for your better awareness of the non-featured content data.

According to the Daily Mail report, DVD players with ClearPlay technology will be on sale in the UK in July. The technology is also adaptable to video-on-demand services and ClearPlay is in talks with UK digital TV operators.

On a lighter note, a majority of the Indian viewers will have a query over here: Can pirated versions of DVD be subjected to censoring through filters :D ?

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