The year that was 2008 !


Today is the last day of 2008 (am I glad it is :).

This year has been a roller coaster ride for Indians – Starting the year with a bang when Sensex crossed 21000 mark and launch of Nano, that gave global recognition not only to Tata, but all of India. Other than that there was hardly anything to really cheer about. Oh…yes, how could I forget – The sole individual Olympic Gold for the first time in Indian sports history. I think overall for Indian sports it was one of the rare good year.

but thats it…those were the only good events…

The not-so-good-year took a turn to worst when India witnessed one of the most devastating Terrorist attacks on Mumbai.

Yeah, I am happy 2008 is over…and look forward for 2009 to be one with hope and success !

What better time to wrap up 2008 with a run-down on top visited posts of this year. So here it is…

The Top 10 most visited posts of 2008

  1. Tata Motors to introduce Air Car – Is it the next big thing? – 85,466 views
  2. Dish TV, Tata Sky and now Big TV: Consumer satellite-based direct-to-home television taking off in a big way – 52,390 views
  3. Secret is out ! 1 Lakh car Tata Nano unveiled – First look ! – 38,035 views
  4. Woof…Third generation IPhone for Rs. 8400/-26,005 views
  5. Future of Rupee against Dollar?24,872 views
  6. Four Indians in Forbes top 10 wealthiest CEO’s list24, 776 views
  7. 10 Indian online advertising networks22,390 views
  8. India and China population – A blessing in disguise ?16,544 views
  9. Doing Business in India – The Legal Environment 15200 views
  10. Online Photo Printing and Sharing in India: A Comparative Analysis14836 views

Hope you enjoyed the list.

Guys one huge request on the New Years eve –

Be Safe – Don’t Drink and Drive

  1. Chirag says

    Happy New year sir. I have a very post on the best and the worst of 2008 for Indian Stock markets.
    Read this here –

  2. Arun Prabhudesai says

    Hey Sri…A very Happy year to you too. I hope 2009 is eventful as well, but with more positives :)
    Enjoy and Be safe!

  3. Sri says

    A very Happy New Year to you too Arun.
    Truly has been quite an eventful year

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