Tata Motors to introduce Air Car – Is it the next big thing?


Tata Motors is taking giant strides and making history for itself. First the Landrover-Jaguar deal, then the world’s cheapest car and now it is also set to introduce the car that runs on air, compressed air to be specific.

Air Car

With fuel prices touching nearly $150 per barrel, it is about time we heard some breakthrough !

India’s largest automaker Tata Motors is set to start producing the world’s first commercial air-powered vehicle. The Air Car, developed by ex-Formula One engineer Guy Nègre for Luxembourg-based MDI, uses compressed air, as opposed to the gas-and-oxygen explosions of internal-combustion models, to push its engine’s pistons. Some 6000 zero-emissions Air Cars are scheduled to hit Indian streets in August of 2008.   

The Air Car, called the MiniCAT could cost around Rs. 3,50,000 ($ 8177) in India and would have a range of around 300 km between refuels.

The cost of a refill would be about Rs. 85 ($ 2). Tata motors also plans to launch the world’s cheapest car, Tata Nano priced famously at One lakh rupees by October.

The MiniCAT which is a simple, light urban car, with a tubular chassis that is glued not welded and a body of fiberglass powered by compressed air. Microcontrollers are used in every device in the car, so one tiny radio transmitter sends instructions to the lights, indicators etc.

There are no keys – just an access card which can be read by the car from your pocket. According to the designers, it costs less than 50 rupees per 100Km (about a tenth that of a petrol car). Its mileage is about double that of the most advanced electric car (200 to 300 km or 10 hours of driving), a factor which makes a perfect choice in cities where the 80% of motorists drive at less than 60Km. The car has a top speed of 105 kmph. Refilling the car will, once the market develops, take place at adapted petrol stations to administer compressed air. In two or three minutes, and at a cost of approximately 100 rupees, the car will be ready to go another 200-300 kilometers.

As a viable alternative, the car carries a small compressor which can be connected to the mains (220V or 380V) and refill the tank in 3-4 hours. Due to the absence of combustion and, consequently, of residues, changing the oil (1 litre of vegetable oil) is necessary only every 50,000Km.] The temperature of the clean air expelled by the exhaust pipe is between 0-15 degrees below zero, which makes it suitable for use by the internal air conditioning system with no need for gases or loss of power.

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  1. Ashok Sharma says

    This is really am good news for our country first and the planet next and as said improvement is always possible which will make things better and better…….

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  3. Tushar Shah says

    The first mention of this was in 2008.
    It’s 2012 now and there seems to be no sign of this wonderful vehicle as yet.
    I think somebody at TATA should take note of this and put in a disclaimer if this has been one big hoax or mis representation.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Thats not true Tushar – Read this… this is couple of months old news…

  4. Rashmi Shah says

    India needs a car with fuel efficiency as fuel prices as well as pollution both are the problems faced by us.

  5. Bill Cook says

    hydraulics are more practical and with an onboard pump which is run by a gasoline engine, running at a low constant speed, incredible mileage is achieved. PLUS no huge polluting battery of batteries to eventually put in a landfill.

  6. Pinoy says

    Hope they can build one? we need also that kind of technology..

  7. aashish pisal says

    its good news for indians that tata introduce 1st air powerd car in india.which has zero emission ..its helpful our environment.

  8. Roshan Parajuli says

    Thats Will Be Fine. But I Think That I Can Also Do That, Its Just By The Air Pressure Given By It. Which Forces It To Move Forward. But Be Careful May It Will Not Fly Instead Of Running. So If Need Some Help Then Reply In Yahoo.

  9. Vinod Saraswat says

    Really unbelievable, but TATA can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Naresh says

    When do we see car on road?? It is 2012.

  11. Naresh says

    Article mentions car will be on road 2008. Now it is 2012, where is compressed air car?

  12. Richard says

    I cannot see yet how this is better than other tech. Essentially this car consists of two ideas: 1) store energy in compressed air instead of a battery. 2) power the car with air instead of electricity or combustion. Step 2 has to be very efficient to make up for inefficiency in step 1 I should imagine. I can’t believe powering a car using compressed air is very efficient unless perhaps it makes the car very light due to a simple engine or something.

  13. Peter McMillan says

    I'll take one gas is near $4 a gallon

  14. Shaji Hamsa says

    Excellent Invention…

  15. narendra says

    this car is a comman car to diffrent & new thinking in the commercial car market.

  16. Mayur says


  17. Swarnavo Sen says

    wow! it's cool

  18. Mahesh Pattabhi says

    I really feel what vignesh have told on july 30 stands. tata is cheating people and making us to spend more money on fuel or probably govt has paid him not to launch corrupted people are ruling us.

  19. Pankaj Jain says

    STILL how much wait for the CaR…..TaTa you have to make it soon as the Petrol and diesel are takin up the market.

  20. Per Shanu Fication says

    The extraordinance is being carved out now out of the Brilliant most brains! Go Eco friendly , the sustainability's going to be achieved to its Zenith! Awesome Concept! utmost design! Extraordinary above all!

  21. Shah Tawqeer UL Islam says

    please bring it immidiatellt in the market.

  22. Vinod Hanmattekar says

    I am wating for this type of car, it is a realy great achivment by tata. no one can beet this. it changes all world.

    1. Sreekanth Javvadi says

      hi how are you?

  23. Uma Sankar Panigrahi says

    Good Thing Really now this technology will advance due to rise in oil prices.

    1. Priyabrata Samal says

      Good to see ur blog since long

  24. Anonymous says

    I think Tata is trying to cheat the entire country they have bought the rights from MDI motors stating that only tata can sell the car in india and also no need of any technical colobaration from MDI. This was done in 2007. Today it is 2011 almost 5 years, when you have a picture perfect car will it take 5 years to relase? but still today there is not even a announcement that it is even under production. just think and some body act against tata who is acting against the national interest.

    1. Richard L Baker says

      Wrong. Tata is lisenced by The inventer. The good thing about his contract is that he required ALL the parts of the car to be made in the country which is allowed to build. No more imported parts.

  25. Anish Thakkar says

    The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.
    Guy Negre & Ratan Tata, MDI(Motor Development International) & Tata Motors are the real deal.

  26. Liane Alex says


  27. Raj Boddeda says

    We need such cars in India…. as India is a developing…… country. To control pollution in countries like India definitely we need such a car…

  28. Amitesh Kumar says


  29. Dilip Agarwal says

    really impressive…. Hope it comes in production soon.

  30. Dilip Agarwal says

    really impressive…. Hope it comes in production soon.

  31. Raj Kapoor says


  32. Balaji Sriram says

    Car that runs on compressed air……

  33. Balaji Sriram says

    Car that runs on compressed air……

  34. Sriram Srinivas Reddy says

    Respected sir,

    As per environment conditions, we do need such kind of vehicles on road to reduce the pollution. I expect MiniCAT shall be present at every village very soon. It’s really needful for the public. In the similar way such kind of general purpose vehicles for public are necessary now. I would like to see this MiniCAT on the road in a near future.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sriram Srinivas Reddy,
    +91 – 9492791089.

  35. Ron Ray says

    I’m not saying this is bogus or out-dated, but look at the upper inset:
    “India’s largest automaker Tata Motors is set to start producing the world’s first commercial air-powered vehicle.” … {continue}… 2008
    2008!? Is this a typo or just an OLD dream?

  36. bestsuv says

    Nice to see Tata taking things to the next level.

  37. Web SEO Company says

    Nice article
    Tata believes in innovations and it delivers the best in it`s segment .
    As we all know , Fuel is just gonna be wipe out from the earth in some years .
    So.it`s a right for tata to do such research .
    It would be a nice innovation for car lovers like me if they don`t have to pay a lot after fuel.

  38. Viome says

    compressed air motor or all about it’s technology can hamper the absolute earth’s fuel; considerably timely, all the means of transport and even the power plants will absolutely change… simple technology, great help for mankind… :-)

  39. Kumar says

    Folks, this thread was started more than 2 years ago. Unfortunately, Tata Motors is not going forward with this project at least for now. Though the idea of such an environment friendly car seems very exciting, there are many roadblocks which will need to be conquered first. Let me list some of them, in the form of questions:

    1. How will air be compressed for use as a fuel in this car and other similar vehicles?
    2. When any metal has continuous exposure to air, there is rust formation. This car runs on compressed air. Won’t that rust the engine and cause a complete seizure?
    3. Further to Ramjee’s question, is this car’s engine capable of loads similar to Tata Sumo, Toyota Innova and the like (most likely not)?

    If not Tata, I hope somebody like the Maini group who made the first environment friendly car Reva in India produces a car similar to this which is energy efficient and environment friendly.

    If anybody else has more information on even Hybrid cars which are affordable (at least in the range of 5-6 lakh), please share.

  40. ramjee says

    what is the torque& power produced by this car?

    what is the cc for this car?

  41. Jignesh says

    Tata is best Brand for motors.

    I have 2 Cars on tata , they have good features and value .

    Nice post on air car.

  42. subodh says

    when booking is starting for tata motors air operated car?

  43. robert monteith says

    its about time indians were recognised as high achievers and given their due credit. the world will be a better place when the west sees india as a benefit to allmankind.

  44. Dick says

    Hurry! I have my own home-compressor and tank. Safer than storing spare gas or diesel. What’s the tank ops psi? Can I place a small solar panel on its roof and a backup dc compressor?

  45. shoukat firfiray says

    Good news from Indian Auto industry and hope it is safe and long lasting and not just a rumours like alternative fuel from Jatropa tree seeds.

  46. dhruv soni says

    Oh i thought it to be a nano !!

    But thanks for sharing the great info


  47. C.Venkateswaran. says

    Yah Its Really very excellant and also the thinking mind. i think this car is not produce the smoke so its very safety to the human body.


  48. Phil from Tennessee says

    Would love to have a job with this group in Southern Middle Tennessee if they ever make it here…

  49. Stan Shankman says

    While I like this idea in principle, I remain skeptical as to just how practical this idea can be and I suspect that the figures regarding range and performance may be somewhat contrived. Remember, unlike a gasoline powered car that can maintain engine power at full level until the fuel supply is expended, this compressed air powered car will be continually loosing air pressure as it drives. At the end of its reported range it will be traveling far more slowly. And of course what of its range while traveling uphill as opposed to level travel? While carbon-fiber tanks my go a long way toward making a high-pressure air enclosures safe, I am equally sure that insurance companies are well aware that Nuclear Reactors were purported to be safe too. The Space Shuttle was “safe” – or at least as safe as they could make it. If ever an air-powered automobile explosion results in hearing-loss or some other form of bodily injury or worse yet, death, then the idea of air-powered-cars will have to be rethought. Perhaps for the immediate future, this air-powered idea may best be employed in gasoline-air hybrids where the battery (with its high-cost and dubious service life) and electric motor could be replace with an air tank and compressor/pneumatic-motor combination. By so doing, the most notorious part of the entire system (the air tank) could be made smaller and its pressure and volume reduced resulting in a higher degree of safety while maintaining much of the good. :-)

  50. Vinay Sharma says

    its a very nice gesture in the time when the petrol is gettting costlier.. TATA cant stop thinking like an indian man ..

  51. Amar Sheth says

    This is May 2010. Where is the Minicat by Tata Motors? I think the date of August 2008 was a hoax. Mr. Prubhudesai, give a reply, or ask Tata Motors to give an answer.

  52. Raju says

    Many of the world’s leading Vehicle manufacturers have their own electric / Hydrogen cell / Non polluting cars. Toyota has already test driven such a vehicle in its manufacturing plant (After the test ride Toyota CEO drank the clean water from exhaust !!! )…. i dont know wat is preventing all these companies from commertially manufacturing these non polluting vehicles.. !!!!
    The Oil Biggies must be pressurising these companies not to release them..!!!

    Mans greed will push him to extinction…!!!!

    Does this use the principle of Vortex Tube ? it also gives less temp air as o/p. But i can’t relate….


    RATAN TATA has lots o innovative ideas makin him best in automobile industry in india.. he owns the market of commercial vehicles in india.. tata nano is one f the most apreciative idea of tata..

  54. Ramesh says

    Mr. Ratan Tata
    Jai Ho

    for your minicat to become a great sucess

  55. Rahul says

    We all are waiting for this Mini Cat to be launch? Kudos to Tata Motorsfor this innovative idea. This is a good cause towards saving the enviroment.

  56. rahul says

    Tata Motors is revolutionising the auto sector with its technical expertise. It has already succeeded in producing world’s cheapest car Tata Nano. This air-powered vehicle will be a real wonder car if the company materialise the project.


    Indian Car Advisor (Carazoo.com)

  57. Rahul says

    The really looks cool! i hope Tata Motors
    creates it before the next auto show and surprises the world again after the Tata Nano. Tata Motors is the most promising car of the world.


    Indian Car Advisor (Carazoo.com)

  58. Charlie says

    Where is it?
    Where is the e.Volution air car that MDI announced in 2000 and said would be in production in 2001. Where is the CityCat that MDI announced in 2003 with production to start in 2004. Where is the OneCat air car that MDI announced and said would be in production by late 2008. Where is the AirPod that MDI announced in 2008 and said would be in production in 2009.

    Has anyone noticed that MDI never lets any independent journalists ever do a road test on their cars, even though they say they are within a few months of going into production.

    The only road test published by MDI showed their CityCat car running out of air after less than 8km/5 miles.

    Why should we believe any claims by MDI?

  59. manojsinghvi (Manoj Singhvi) says

    Tata Motors to introduce Air Car – Is it the next big thing? – http://tinyurl.com/3o3bvq

  60. oper says

    Nice this looks like a awsome invention.

  61. Edward says

    America should offer land and buildings to bring that business to America and put Americans to work.

    The oil they should be using is Hemp Oil. America should permit us to farm Hemp. As it is, we buy Hemp from Canada and process it here in American into products. We need that muti-billion business here in America, we need those jobs and related equipment. Hemp oil is bring used as I write.

    Americans should be investing in America Car builders that are made here. I say DON’T invest till those cars start up here in American.

    Where is Ford, Chev., Dodge, and ……….? Are they still belive Americans buy America….The 20’s, 30’s. 40’s 50’s ARE OVER. IF THEY DON’T KNOW THAT IT IS ABOUT OIL, FUEL, CLEAN AIR, AND PRICE. PLUS DAMN GOOD PRODUCTS. If they DO NOT move on this type cars FAST THEY AND WE WILL LOSE. they better jump layoff ALL employees….and burn their biuldings down. WE HAVE DONE IT TO OURSELF ONCE AGAIN.

    If we are smart we should be gearing up for this tpye of transportion. If we jump on it, there will be a lot of after-market products, better designs, new assembly equipment to be designed and made. Americans, Cars started here in American, we need to take it back. American once again we should be the ones to show how it;s done.

  62. Durga prasanth says

    this is the power of TATA.

  63. suvblogs says

    Interesting….I heard of Tata’s working on water driven cars as well. This would be a wonder and a dream come true for most of the car drivers and aspirants !

    Best Regards,

  64. chandrasekar says

    We are expecting realese of air car very soon

  65. Metallurgy says

    Tata Motors is taking giant strides and making history for itself. First the Landrover-Jaguar deal, then the world’s cheapest car and now it is also set to introduce the car that runs on air, compressed air to be specific.

  66. amit bajaj says

    go ahead and rock the world with power of tata………………………………………
    greate work man…

  67. Wolf says

    Has anyone evaluated taking the technology of the air motor and compressed air tanks and combine with a windmill and a air compressor and placing on a roof and in attic, thus powering a home ?

    Sounds like a world saver to me

    Jesus Wolf

  68. Buying Indian Real Estate says

    This is extremely interesting!!!
    I wonder what happened to this project further? Was it launched in 2008?

  69. Izhar H. Khan says

    I am eagerly waiting for the “AIR CAR”

    I admire Mr. Ratan because, he is a man with visions. He thinks about poor people and also thinks about country, world and environment while, most of the businessmen don’t do this because of their greed.

    He is really a MAN & Human.

    I wish him every success in his all visionary approach.

    I also want to make booking. Kindly advise.

  70. Deepak says

    the design is nice and looking space inside ..

  71. RahU says

    a France air car company (MID) already manufacture lot of air cars , but even they told the car will reach in next 2 years, they research in this field for more then 14 years, if this is the case how tata will introduce it newly and early . but we all want to hands of to tata for this kind of project in India.

  72. Free Articles Today says

    Oh i thought it to be a nano !!

    But thanks for sharing the great info.

  73. Viqui Gayer says

    I would like to see the type of air car you have produced and am willing to purchase one as a sample for a reasonable rate, plus shippping of course.
    How do I go about doing this?
    Viqui Gayer

  74. shubhadip sen says

    Good job Tata keep it up we have always dreamt of such things but you have done it. You have brought smiles to the whole world but tough time for the petroleum companies.

  75. chandru says

    It very happy to hear, the new green revolution going to start with the efforts of Mdi and TATA motors,

  76. J. Fisher says

    Where can i purchase one of these air cars? (minicat)

  77. Krish says

    Looks like this is all nothing but hot air. Though Tata Motors have this on their own website at the link below, there has been absolutely no talk about it on any of the news channels / discovery / auto expo’s / etc. I’m wondering if it will take any shape before I turn 80! (40+ years to go)

    The Tata Motors link is below:


  78. ادهم says

    هذه تعد بدايه الوقوف علي الحد من استخدام الطاقه ولكن مؤخرا و بطريقه او تصميم لا تستغل قوه الهواء المضغوط بالدرجه القصوي لاني اري استغلالا لفكره استخدام الهواء المضغوط بطريقه ما يتيح استفاده اقصي من تشغيل سياره صغيره

  79. don cardwell says

    Ihave heard all kind of talk during this election year about Energy Independence from the anti american muslem oboma and the old vet senator McCain and I have yet to hear any talk about the air car. mabey someone should inform them about the air with cars running air and the big trucks running on natural gas we could have a super charged version of the pickens plan this could get us off the imported oil in five years instead of ten. and with wind turbins generating electrical power we could clean up the pollution so somebody please ask this question about the air car and the pickens plan at the next debate!!!

  80. Robert Britten says

    Lets get a look at these autos and tell us how much they will cost in Indian
    currency.   Please respond asap.   Thankyou so kindly,
                                                                 Robert Britten   USA

  81. Mr lee christoffels says


  82. rafa says

    I’ve been following the air car story and guy negre, the inventor, as well as many other involved enterprises since 1996, when I lived closed by the initial point of the air cars invetion, closed to Nice, France at the technical university. The problem is that they have been announcing a lot for 12 years now, but nothing at all has become real. They started by only creating engines that run on air. They wanted to implement these engines into Mexico City Taxis to lower air pollution over there. That never happend. Then they came up with the mini cat, worked on it for 8 years now and still don’t have it on line production. No they’ve signed with tata motors of india (march 2007). And tata motors said they were going to go line production by aug. 2008. Now it’s spetember and I haven’t heard anything about any air car running on the roads anywhere.I wish so much that people would finally get their crap together and move their butts to realy do something good for our environment, not only looking at them numbers.

  83. Andrew says

    I hope  it will materialise the minicat. It  will help  the whole world  towards  green  environment.  Ozone layer may be  able to heal itself with  this  new innovation.  Good  work  TATA.  Please make it are reality and cost affordable  for  more  people  to use it.

  84. rkguru says

     I dont know how far it would take for the entry of air  compressed cars in India, but it will be a best option comparably that it doesn’t need the use of fossil fuels to deplete the environment.

  85. NaySayerExtrodinaire says

    Don’t hold your breaths.  Tata is in no hurry to make a car that does not need gasoline because it has the Jaguar now.  So it will try to sell more Jaguars hoping the people who are dying for some clout will be dumb enough to be buying that gas guzzler till they start running out of fuel money as the price of gas sky rockets.  Then everyone will scramble to make the air car because Jaguar will be a piece of junk that nobody wants except the few car collectors.   I heard Tata nearly bought the HUMMER!! Now that would be a royal piece of junk to get rid of .  A whopping 9 miles per gallon!!! What a beast of financial burden!!!  I think Tata is holding back because of the agreements with the French and also because air car is not main stream.  There will be many kinks to be hammered out over at least a decade.  In the mean time, the company that sticks its head out to make it will be kicked, ridiculed, laughed at for even attempting such a bold idea.  Only a private investor can hope to accomplish this and when the modle is perfect can a motor company swoop in and purchase the design from him to mass market.  But all the work will already have to be done so the company does not look stupid or loose too much money.

  86. supporter of patriatism says

    Well its almost the end of August and no car as yet.I realy do hope that this car is not going to be smothered as it would be a revelutionary product that would def. change the way we think.And best of all,it would mean that we are not dependant on oil /oil companies.
    Good on you mates

  87. Adnan says

    Please visit http://www.aircar.com it shall resolve all ur queries.. includin bookin information… cheers to TATA… they had invested 20 million euros on the research..!

  88. Pravin Mori says

    This is what i dreamed before few years and people laughed. Tata came with a fantastic revolutionary alternative, which seems quite possible and realistic . With in next 5 years, petrol or diesel cars will be the history.
    Great effort Tata.

  89. sibi says

    is there any specifications about the engine,it’s power….all tat……..

  90. Samuel K says

    What a sweet n sexy news! Please enroll my name for the booking.
    May God bless Ratan TATA.

  91. Kalpana says

    Cool! When does the booking for this start; can anybody confirm? 

  92. Raj says

    So, instead of car ‘crashes’, you will actually be reading about car ‘explosions’, when the AirCar is involved in collisions????
    Seriously, I would be interested in seeing results from controlled experiments/crash tests, before I put my money down..

  93. debashish ghosh says

    This is a great news…. Infact this technology is already existing for our Tanks- T72 where they use air compressor for ignition(air start). What TATA needs to keep in mind is that how viable it would be for the cosumer. We have REVA in india which also works on electricity and has not been so popular. I suggest it would be great if one has the option of switching to fule mode also.   ANy way kudus to TATA .Hope it hits the market very soon….

    regardsDebashish Ghosh

  94. jayakanthreddy says

    your idea of air car is good but i wish you to think on water based like petrol based but if it comes it will rule the world

  95. s.k.s.madan mohan says

    Excellent effort and very much required for the people for transportation without polution. My wishes to introduce it quickly.

  96. Manoj Thomas says

    Great effort from tata, lounch of this car will be a Big mile stone in the automobile history, this will help us to save our mother earth from global warming and its effects

  97. jibbguy says

    This concept is not new: It has been done many times since the 1880’s. And there is another very good system being developed in France right now, which has the ability to harness the energy of the vehicle to re-fill the air tank up to 70% as it is driving . It may possibly soon be able to refill the air up to 100%. This is due to capturing wind, using the cold from the expended air as energy, braking power, and special bernoli-principle valves that add low-pressure air into a high pressure system.

    Lol, i wonder what they are going to say to stop this one? Compressed air is hardly possible to use as a "terrorist weapon" ;)

  98. polk says

    hi i like this idea it’s cool

  99. Kunkiw Lee says

    Air car (MiniCAT) is very interested thing.
    Where can I find other information materials ?
    Mr. Kunkiw Lee
    Seoul, Korea
    [email protected]

  100. BCL says

    The problem that I see is acceleration. If you look at the pic, the wheels look really small. This is what you do if your engine can’t produce a lot of torque. No torque, no acceleration.

  101. Sanjay Yalagatti says

    It is nice that people are so concerned about the existance and performance of such a car. But, It is Indian Auto giant TATA’s has a point to prove silencing all these speculations. Of course I haven’t read any where that they are claiming it as their inventions. They are just announcing that "they will launch it in India". I feel that, other(OEM`s) cannot do this because, they have to safe guard their investment in current technology(petrol-diesel).
    Thanks to Tata’s for the bold step forward towards economical and environment friendly initiatives. It is a Good tie up. Keep it up.

  102. Nitin Thacker says

    Seems like a day dream ! ! ! !

    If Tata is planning to do it why noody else on this earth has done it before ? ? ? ?

    If the vital stats of cost and consumption are true every engine on this planate would have been running on plain compressed air.

    One should stop and think a lot before buying Tata Motors scrips.

    Nitin Thacker

  103. Jeff says

    I just hope you all have the electric grid for this over there. And never forget, most electricity is still carbon based. Always remember to calculate that in the carbon footprint if this vehicle, unless you’re getting the 5.5kwh from solar or wind.

  104. Pete says

    Throw in a hand pump and an Indian and hey, I’m sold!

  105. bully says

    This is so full of donkey dung.  When will you all learn that it is convenience that got us into this mess and only doing things the hard way will get us out?
    Moving people around in personal vehicles takes energy input.  We did not have cars before we had petroleum.  Tata motors is pilfering from their investors pockets.

  106. Thomas C. says

    Hey Bully – SHUT UP!!!!!! I’ve been following the Air Car Development for about 5 years. It was developed in France and they had been looking for investors until TATA came along last year and picked up on it. It’s REAL and it’s HERE NOW !!!!!! So drive your damn gas guzzler til you go broke!!!!

  107. Paul says

    Been reading a lot about it. I hope Tata does get it in production. I understand the concerns about most electricity being generated from coal now, but this is the first of many steps. It is more environmentally friendly than battery based cars and with the solar and wind technology coming down in price within the next ten years we should see a major explosion in the amount of electricity generated from them.

  108. kenflo says

    Zero emission or not there is still a requirement for some sort of energy to compress the air that it runs on and that process most likely has emissions unless it is hydro electricity.

  109. SAIRAM.G says

    IF this new true , this grear & wonderful gift to all, Because it reduces the Fuel conception, and Travelling cost .

    With Regards
    PIN – 638 459
    MOBILE : 9994441904

  110. SAIRAM.G says

    If this news about Air compressor Car Invention is true , It is a very wonder full gift to all, Because It will reduce the Fuel conception , and cost of travelling.

    With Regards
    181/B2, Pethanaickenpalaym,
    Pongalor Post ,
    P.Pulliampatti (Via)
    Coimbatore -638 459
    MOBILE :9994441904

  111. Abhishek says

    If this news is true, thats really going to be a  revolutionary product. An yes as per the reports its NOT a TATA inventions agreed with that, however ppl claiming that cars with same tech already running on road pls go and chk the websites again. And more than websites chk the authenticity. Anyway, All the best to TATA to combat fuel prices, however is it really going to be an environment friendly car ?? 60-70% electricity generated is generated by burning coal (in India). If the consumption goes high more burning of coal would be req. The electricity that is going to compress air will also come from same source.

  112. AMOL DANGE says

    tata moters is a real engle for middleman they think about themsalves.ratanji must have awarded" bharatratna".my lots of blessings to him for working .

  113. Milind K Sali says

    Excellent efforts…

    Right move at the right time…
    But we need a perfect pricing strategy which will lead everyone to buy this car. I hope to see decent speed to run in the city and surely not expecting to give great results on highways runs.

    Looking forward to see the technical details and pre-launch booking offers…

    Good Luck…

  114. wence says

    it should be the next big thing!!!!

  115. wence says

    it should be the next big thing…

  116. Kuruvilla says

    good to see one

  117. Chandar says

    Kudos to TATA. See the below given link for details.


  118. Warlu says

    I hope this will be a very big success for TATA motors. One interesting thing is that it is happening in INDIA. It is great boon given by TATA motors to the public.

  119. Johnson says

    I am eagerly waiting for this car to buy. I am ready to buy this car even if its price is more than 5L.But it is our Indian govt responsible to encourage Indians by giving good subsidicies to buy this 0% pollution emission car.

    Good luck to TATA.

  120. wade says

    Does anyone can tell me  if this car is true?  Why there is no any offical news from Tata motor?  It is really production on Aug 2008 ?

  121. sujay natolana says

    Its very cute to see these type of inovation



  122. Tnediserp Shrub says

    I have run the numbers and I’m calling bullshit on range (actual range is 300 meters) and payload (actual payload is 5kg).

  123. raj says

    Really unbelievable, but TATA can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. Ketan says

    This is being discussed on HN. Have a look

  125. ARCHANA KORE says

    very good, its needed!
    but ill belive , when ill see it on indian road.
    all the best tata motor.

  126. Blog Indya says

    Dear Freinds

    This concept is not an invention of TATA Motors India.

    The Air Cars are already on streets in Spain, and will be started soon in South Africa and also other parts of the world. You can watch the preliminary details (not yet updated) in their official website. The Company name itself Air Car Factories S. A., Barcelona.

    & One other company also there (Motor Development International) the actual parent company… but the Air Car Factories SA have no connection with MDI now.

    Best Regards
    Hamara Bharath Mahan
    See our Blog too

  127. Ajay says

     This news has been going around for months. Tata at present has a agreement to license the technology required to design and make the car. Tata has never announced they’ll actually produce it. Put it down as R&D for potential technologies for future transportation.
     MDI has a bad name in the industry and media and they have often announced production of cars based on their technology, without anything actually happening, Sort of like crying wold too often.

  128. Lingam S says

    Its TATA ‘s new range after the France company’s tie up…

  129. kiran K A says

    Its one of the most Expectations of many youth’s, Beleive in Dreams one day it will come True.  if Indian Govt don’t give permissions to drive this Beauty atleast it should be used by Hospitals instead of current Ambulance Trend!!!!

  130. Sanjay Yalagatti says

    I am just waiting to be rolled on to the roads.

    Less emission, environment friendly and pocket friendly. Why cant the NANO be AIR CAR?

    It is a revolution in Indian Auto Market. And I am surely go for ONE.

  131. Bharath says

    I’m waiting for TATA’s next evolution…!

  132. Ankit Jain says

    Dielly needs such cars…

  133. esskey says

    I think its a spam. I havent seen any news about it except on this site. I wish to see this in reality

  134. for pankaj singh's question says

    Pankaj i think your keeping your eyes and ears shut in life, nano is in production in fact i happen to be one of the vendor’s for some of its auto components. curiosity kills a man but never a TATA motors car …
    i hope this miniCAT is launched as claimed so that at least the urban drivers can garbage there high fuel consuming vehicles… this is just brilliant!!!

  135. Deez says

    This guy from TaTa better watch his back. He might want to hire some body guards too. I am sure there are some oil profiteers i.e.  G. Bush and other powerfully evil people would like to see this guy disappear.     I would love to this car become an affordable reality in the next 2 yrs.   GO TATA GO
    Show me your tatas…please?

  136. Sukumar says

    Khudos to TATA. I am not sure about the Genunity of this news. If this is corret (I wish it is correct) and the Product is successfull, this would be one of the greatest moment of our era.
    The news itself creating waves in the mind.

    1. vinod says

      Its true my friend this car run by air means obviously it is Hydrogen.

      in india there are some people already run their vehicle by Hydrogen it is zero % emission

  137. Pankaj Singh says

    Tata is again making people fool. Till now there is no manufacturing plant of nano in india yet they are saying they will produce this MiniCat. I don’t believe this. They are just making airy promises. Actions speak louder than words. So my msg to TATA’s is be practical.

    1. Shivayan says

      The factories dont have to be in India. Use proper grammer.

  138. Sandesh says

    Well done Tata motors !.. Oip prices are really killing the fun of motors….
    Looking forward to see these cars ON ROAD..

  139. Raghavendra says

    This seems to be really an great invention and seems to be an boon in the prevailing  conditions of increase in oil price. If the idea of manufacturing AIR CAR will be implemented successfully and is made available for the public, then there is one more addition of success milestone to TATA motors and INDIA. Longlive TATA !!!!!!! Good Luck !!!!!

  140. naresh says

    i hope this noble cause should be accepted and supported by the govt of india.  understanding the present condition of the environment this is definitely a blessing. i wud definitely like to be a proud owner of this tech.

  141. Bhupathiraju says

    Another good post. Lets hope miniCAT can show the way on how to reduce dependency on ‘oil’. By the way, how is the idea….to buy TAT script at present bear market. TATA’s are really patriots, they dare to take risks to fulfill the dreams of Indians. The companies which find or rely on alternate sources of energy can emerge as winners in the near future…..

  142. Vasco says

    Hoping the air car is ready by August 2008, The whole world is waiting impatiently. I suppose gas is going up because the petroleum companies are going to loose 100 percent as soon as the air car is manufactured, so the petroleum companies want to make as much as they can. This kind of greediness will not make them happy. I dont think the media is portraying the reason for the rise of gas prices, in an honest way.  But the truth will come out eventually.

  143. RAJESH DUBEY says

    Great Job . Tata motors .. !!!

  144. financebuzz says

    Lets hope the plans doesnt just remain as plans and they actually come out with both the Nano and MiniCAT

  145. Arun says

    No Philip, It is MiniCAT, actually I too was surprised hearing the launch date, but thats what is out to public right now…

  146. Philip says

    Dont you think that Aug 2008 is too early?  Is it air car or Nano that they are mentioning?

  147. suresh panicker says

    every effort to be used to promote this venture.in times of high oil prices and global warming, by proper pricing strategy and support from govt. it should be made a success.

  148. manuscrypts says

    hope its not a lot of hot air……
    meanwhile, can we get beta testing invites for this? ;)

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