Microsoft trashes Zoho Office as Fake– Zoho does even better


Now this is something you really got to watch :)

I think Microsoft is getting really nervous about competition from emerging Online office tools. First it trashed Google Apps and now their corporate VP, Ron Markezich of Microsoft Online has called Zoho as Fake office.

I have been a big fan of Zoho over last couple of years and have mentioned it earlier couple of times on this blog. Their products are superlative and they have kept up with times. What’s more they are very cost effective as well !

Now, to be honest this VP guy had no business to make such a comment, but he did and Zoho has retaliated – and it has done it in such a way that not only are they getting positive buzz, but Microsoft image is taking a further hit

After this interview was published on November 3rd, Zoho did not spend any time in coming up with their answer – Fake Office


Here is what they did – They put a nice little preface:

Fake? Well, if by "fake" Microsoft meant that there is no CD or DVD to buy, no bloatware to download, nothing to install, no hundreds of dollars to pay… then yeah, we agree.

Why would Microsoft want to discourage you from trying the Fake Office? If it was truly a "Fake" Office, then we wouldn’t pose a risk to them, would we?

And published this Video called –

Fake Office – The Movie


What an answer ! loved it :)

These guys are good…period !

  1. […] is not the first time Zoho is using creative ways to reach out to potential customers. In 2009, they created a satire video, when corporate VP, Ron Markezich of Microsoft Online had called Zoho as Fake office. This video […]

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  3. Philip says

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  4. Apinder says

    Even Google can’t beat Zoho, forget about M$

  5. Lakhlani Prashant says

    Microsoft recognize zoho, not google docs. That is good news for zoho, that inspired them to prepare the great answer.
    Zoho is amazing, and I love google docs too.

  6. dpi says

    MS feels its position and reacted now. Long Live Face Office. :)

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