Media Monday: Sony attempts to cater to a price sensitive market with 7k PS2


India’s video-game console market is expected to grow to $125.4 million by 2010. It’s still far behind the other developed markets but a CAGR of around 75% is quite encouraging.

India is a market of choice for almost every type of business these days and Sony also knows this. India is a price sensitive market and modifying price range just a bit creates a whole new market for any product.

Sony Playstation

Sony is understood as a costly brand which doesn’t negotiate for quality; but recession seems to have its toll on this technology giant too.

It has recently lowered the price of PlayStation-2 to Rs. 6999/- so as to cater to another section of consumers who can still go with older version of Console but can’t afford a hefty price tag for the latest one. Sony is also going to release 1400 game CDs for PS2.

This is a market strategy to beat competitors in number sale rather than technology sale. 6999 is quite a cheap price as compared to competitors’ latest consoles- X-Box 360, Wii and Nintendo which sell for over 25,000. Even Sony’s PS-3 is quite costly, in fact the costliest (Rs. 40,000).

Whether consumers get excited enough with this or not is something to be seen.

Arun’s comment: Amazon Kindle should adopt similar strategy for India, and I am sure it will sell like Hot cakes. While Kindle’s standard price is $259/ –, it ends up costing above 400 dollars In India. Thanks to import duties etc.

[This Media Monday digest has been written by Rabi Gupta, a start up enthusiast and co-founder of iDubba (Intelligent Box).]

  1. shirish says

    Hi all,
    I think the price given is inflated. When I was in Himachal specifically in Dharamsala, I saw the price of the PS2 at 5k/- and it included couple of titles. What should have been explicitly mentioned is the quantum of drop in percentage terms to know what pricing can be had.

  2. Ankur Vyas says

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