Top 10 Most Admired Companies in India


Any guesses?

If you had Infosys Technologies on your mind, you are right!

WSJ top 200 most admired asian companies

According to the survey conducted by Wall Street Journal on Top 200 most admired companies in Asia, Infosys Technologies has been named the most Admired company in India.

Here is a run down on the most admired Indian Companies:

Top 10 Most admired companies in India

  1. Infosys Technologies (Annual Sales of over $4 billion)
  2. Tata Consultancy Services (largest Indian Outsourcer by Sales)
  3. Bharti Airtel (In mergers talks with MTN Group)
  4. Larsen & Toubro (in deal to build nuclear reactors)
  5. Wipro (Global workforce of close to 100k)
  6. Tata Steel (Manufacturing units in 27 countries)
  7. Hindustan Lever (has more than 400 brands)
  8. HDFC Bank (Incorporated in 1994)
  9. State Bank of India (planning to add 1000 branches) 
  10. ITC (Wide-range Conglomerate)

Infosys Technologies is adjudged as the most admired company in India followed by TCS and Bharti Airtel in 2 and 3rd position respectively.

The ranking has broadly taken 5 different aspects into consideration.

  • Financial Reputation
  • Corporate Reputation
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Vision

Following are the individual ranking of various parameters:

Fiancial Reputation


Financial Reputation

With the biggest reserves and deposits than any other bank in India, SBI takes the numero Uno position when it comes to Financial Reputation. Reliance Industries, followed by HDFC bank complete the top 3 positions.

Corporate Reputation

Corporate Reputation

Infosys Technologies known for its exemplary Governance and transparency in corporate dealing comes at top followed by 2 Tata companies, TCS and Tata Steel



Again with excellent quality of Software deliveries, Infosys takes the top position, followed by L&T and Bharti Airtel.



Now this is a big surprise to me, TCS takes in the top position in Innovation. I always related TCS as a Volume player without much innovation, but I seem to be completely wrong here.

Infact, TCS is the most admired company for innovation, followed by Bharti Airtel and Infosys Technologies



With visionaries like Narayan Murthy and Nandan Nilekani at the helm, Infosys Technologies had to take the top position when it comes to vision. Tata Steel surprisingly (at least for me) comes at 2nd followed by Reliance Industries.

  1. Bikram Baruah says

    a good overview of the indian comps.

  2. Sagar Sinha says

    Nice Overview

  3. top 10 india says

    Helpful list… wipro and hcl soon reach there

  4. Sameer shinde says

    LIC is missing if Consider you the criteria you have mentioned LIC is undoubtedly need to be in this list but it Seems like study is incomplete as

  5. Krishna Chandra Singh says

    OTS Solutions LLC.

  6. Ankan Kd says

    Very nice statistics! It’s interesting to see where this will all take us in a few more years.

  7. Chirag says

    I am shocked why Reliance is not in the top 10 List!

  8. Rajesh Kumar Chaudhary says

    HDFC Bank done well in past two years.

  9. Amir Siddiqui says


  10. Amir Siddiqui says


  11. Thiruvarasan Varasan says

    really useful…..

  12. Shahani says

    glad to be part of India’s most admired company – Infosys. I joined just this month in Infosys BPO Limited based here in Philippines. I’ve been through many centers already but Infosys is the only company where I got most inspired.

  13. sayyed nagma says

    hi this is nagma here i am really inspire of your listing the top 10 most admired companies in india. It’s really help us to get the information about the position of our country.

  14. Diggi says

    Okay….but what about Satyam? Nonetheless, it was ravaged in the corporate sector but it there was a time when it impacted a lot on the fiscal arena of India.

  15. Vijay says

    Infosys technologies is definitely worth it with their vigorous training program

  16. sumit says

    we are on n0.5 hahahaha….nice

  17. L&T says

    Proud to be part of L&T

  18. Jerrick says

    TATA STEEL also is the only one manufacturer that in top 10 most admired companies in India..@@

  19. Software Jobs says

    Hi Arun,
    No doubt Infosys is most admired company in India, but I am not sure about SBI. I will not rate good for SBI and don’t think others have different opinion than this.

  20. Parackal thomas says

    Thanks for bringing out the top ten Indian companies under different scenerios.
    I expected your own asseessment as A SUMMARY LISTING THE TOP TEN BEST COMPANIES TO INVEST IN.
    You can still make such a recommendation in your next report.

  21. sofi says


  22. Panish says

    Its very plessure to see the Infosys in the top 10 list, The man who started his business with two computers and established worldwide.. Hats off Mr.Narayanamurthy..

  23. Rayees Qurayshi, Ladhoo pampore says

    Article being totally up to the mark and to the point but one thing is unclear as how this ranking is done and what parameters are to be followed

  24. Jobs in India says

    I am little unclear about the method that they have followed to come up with this listing.

  25. soumyaranjan says

    what about reliance industries????????

  26. kalaiselvi.r says

    this article gives me more information about leading firms in a clear picture way.and i request to give some pictures also about this admired firms

  27. Loganathan.K says

    The Seletion methodology has not enough.

  28. Parul Sharma says

    Happy and very inspired to see the Infosys in Top-10 admired companies in Indea because the person who has no with him but established his name in market is all due to his integrity and everlasting hope

    “There is nothing impossible.”

  29. manish says

    The article is good but at the end under “Vision” the graph shows TCS as 4th in standing but the content says 2nd followed by Reliance Industries….such errors should not happen

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Can you please tell me where I have gone wrong? coz here is what I have written

      With visionaries like Narayan Murthy and Nandan Nilekani at the helm, Infosys Technologies had to take the top position when it comes to vision. Tata Steel surprisingly (at least for me) comes at 2nd followed by Reliance Industries.

      Which atleast to me seems correct !!

  30. Niyoti Roy says

    Good news for country as companies are leading and also comes under top 10 admired companies.Best wishes 4 future…………..

  31. Sumedh says

    Reliance nowhere? strange…?

  32. Elango says

    I am from Infy :):):p

  33. Suresh says

    Good Show….!!!

  34. Manisha Pal says

    I Proud to be a TCSer.

    1. Manoj says

      hello mam can u tell me why tcs is recruiting in such a figure?
      i have been recruited by tcs in campus drive and i m thinking of a good career but thinking of such situation i m little bit confused,
      well can u tell me whether i m in the right path?

  35. ricky says

    Those charts do a lot of help for us….

  36. Shekhar Sahu says

    At least these companies are in list at the time of recession where all it companies are down.

  37. shuvarthy chowdhury says

    happy 2 see the name of TATA STEEL in d top 10 list

  38. Neeraj khare says

    this is to good……….

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