India’s Most Admired Companies in 2013, TCS Tops


Infosys seems to have lost it’s aura over past few years, otherwise they were always at the top when it came to most admired companies in India. This year it is TCS who has won the crown of being the most admired company in India.

FMCG giant Hindustan Lever ranked second followed by ITC. Infosys came in at fourth.

The study was conducted by Hay Group in partnership with Fortune India and the rankings for most admired company were arrived based on a peer ranking methodology covering 493 companies across the 16 key sectors.

A total of 552 respondents participated to rank their peers across a scale of ten parameters following parameters – corporate governance, endurance, performance, quality, financial soundness, innovativeness, leadership, talent management, social responsibility, and global business. Hay Group partners with Fortune globally, using a similar methodology.

Top Ranked Companies

If you look at the Top 10 list, its interesting that there are 2 public sector organizations as well – ITC & ONGC. In last few years that I have come across such rankings it is probably the first time it has happened. The methodology of ranking being based on peer ranking also means that people have started thinking highly about PSU’s as well.

Another surprising factor that I noticed was while ICICI Bank has made the list at number 10, While its competitor HDFC bank does not make the cut. The general perception has been that HDFC bank has much better standing (atleast, that’s what I thought)

The Study also carried out sectoral rankings for 16 key industries and there as well some surprises are thrown up.

Sector Wise Rankings

Industry Rankings

Among consumer durables, Nokia India came out as a winner, which is quite interesting given the downward spiral they are on for past few years. In Automotive sector Mercedes Benz was the most admired company in India.

Here is the report by Hay Group

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