The future of Indian Print Media Advertising


While I was reading this post on Techcrunch today, I was wondering about the health of Indian Newspaper Ad Sales compared to that of US, and I was quite surprised with what I found.

Indian Newspaper Advertising is not only healthy at present, but is also expected to grow at a decent pace for atleast next 5 years.

Here are some of the graphs and reports that would shed some light on what is in store for Newspaper Advertising in India.

If you have read the Techcrunch article, the Newspaper Ad sales have been plummeting in USA since 2006, the current being the lowest with negative growth of close to 30%. In contrast, Indian Newspaper Ad sales have been growing constantly over last 5 years.


The KPMG-FICCI report puts the growth of Indian print media at a respectable 9% over next 4-5 years.

Interestingly, the projected compounded annual growth of Gaming is the highest with 33.3% followed by Internet which stands at 27.9% CAGR. That should really put smile on a lot of faces :)

The Print Media Ad sales growth have even better projections. They are estimated to grow at a CAGR of 10% for next 4-5 years !

And some thing that will really put a smile on my face is the figure for Internet Advertising, slated to grow at 28.1% CAGR …sweeeet :)

So, all in all – Indian Media – be it print, television or Internet are looking at very robust next 4-5 years. Although, 2009 seems to be a low point in terms of growth- coming years are quite promising.

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  1. Nishith Shah says

    Indian Prnint Media Growth vary good & local working in expert's.

  2. Abhinay Jain says


  3. Muhammed Abdul Rauf Kunju says


  4. Soib says

    Yes, in Delhi Hindustan Times has 12,00,000 reader and has grown by 27% from last year…..future of print industry is good because daily readers are growing as education level is gowing up……..

  5. ramesh jain says

    many sites are offering to book advt.for print media online through websites. Please inform me ,due to cost cutting paper offer more discounts.


  6. Dr. Zulfiqar Ali says

    sir, i want to published for a environmental median hindi weekly news paper.
    so, please send information & suggustions

  7. Sunny Jindal says

    I am doing an academic project on newspaper industry and found your posts really helpful.

  8. Arvind Kumar says


    Thanks for the post. While the CAGR of Internet Advertising is 28.1%, the absolute number is still very small. We are talking about a market that is $420million by 2013. I am not sure how this can be a good news. Somehow this sounds like a very bad news. Am i missing something here!

    Arvind Kumar

  9. Naved says

    i fdon’t know how many of ypou have heard about it but recently a business model innovation from the Times Group got awarded seventh for the most innovative business model of the world. the innovation : called times private treaties (you just have to do a google search on it) is quite innovative way to leverage the learnigs one may accrue from the print demise in west.
    must check it out.

  10. Sriram Vadlamani says

    There were at least 3 foreign colloborations for print editions in India either through the facsimilie edition or a direct edition.

    A good indication that Indian print media industry holds good for another 5 years. Will it go the US way after 5 years is a big question. Until then we can have our news papers in print.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      yes, Sriram you are right – and thats one of the reasons why Forbes has launched its print Edition in India (in this recession time) even though the print in on slide worldwide.

  11. Anand says

    TOI have reaced a subscription of 5,00,000 in Bangalore alone. That should be some pointer towards the health of Print Media.

  12. Abhilash Kushwaha says

    This is good news for print media in India. However, they should not be complacent and try to get an online presence. TOI, HT etc all have an online presence but they are not really special.

    The situation is similar to US print media in early 90’s when internet was just picking up in US (as it is in India). They did not believe online media could pose a threat to their business model and look where the are today.

    I am not sure what the answer is but print media in India will have to innovate if they do not want to suffer the same fate as their US brethren.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Abhilash, I agree with you completely…I have written about next 5 years, and I am confident that they will be very healthy as projected in above numbers, but what happens after that is anybody’s guess. Based on what is happening in US right now, I would not be surprised if it does downhill.
      Having said that, Indian Print Industry has the benefit of seeing what is happening now in the West. They need to innovate to beat the trend.

  13. ankit says

    as iternational trade is done in us dollar dollar will be above 50 then exporters will be at profit…while imports will be costly and reverse if dollar goes below 42…

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