Shut the telly mate. We aint watching IPL


I strongly feel the IPL matches are fixed and it is not the players who are doing it. If I have to put in our lousy cricket commentator’s words  I just get the feeling that most of the IPL matches are fixed”. Guess the commentator?

Anyways, if I look at the IPL from a cricket standpoint, it really doesn’t make any sense. If you have followed the brand value post about Kolkata Knight Riders being the most valuable team, that study has only one parameter, which talks about team’s performance.

Lalit Modi - IPL Honcho
Lalit Modi - IPL Honcho

Now, isn’t that amazing that with all the money spent on the players, coaches, and cheerleaders, brand value should talk more about players performance on field? It didnt. Simple reason I can think of is, it really doesnt matter.

Once the team plays hard and wins most of its matches, reaches semi-finals and then to finals and win that too, how much do they get? 5 crore rupees. Now, are the companies and the hotties investing time and money for 5 crore rupees? That is chump change for them. That doesn’t even cover the hotel bill and an evening party.

So, what is it? It is the money beyond the top prize. How can one explain Royal Challengers teams value below Kolkata Knight Riders? It is because KKR has star appeal for sponsors, which BRC doesn’t have. (Come on, Jack Kallis, Mark Boucher, Anil Kumble, Rahul Dravid“ really)

Now, why do I think the matches are fixed?
Without even going into anything, I just want everybody to watch or re-cap recent Deccan Chargers vs Kings XI Punjab (What’s with this team name?) match. Last ball of the match and Harris needs 4 runs; he hits the ball, takes 2 runs and in the second run – runs directly to the dugout. No explanation in this whole world will answer this little feat of Harris.

When people do this I feel deprived, dejected and crest-fallen. This is what I have asked after the Deccan Chargers match. Did I just waste more than an hour? The answer was a resounding yes.

Even my 2 and half-year-old son would have gone for the third run. Now, dont tell me that Harris has an IQ of a 2 year old. May be, he is beyond us all. May be, he is the one who got his priorities right.

It is time we get our priorities right. Shut the telly off and spend the time with your family, read a book, have a great conversation with your colleague, do anything except watching IPL.

PS: This post is coming after I saw all them run-outs in the Rajasthan Royals vs Kolkata Knight Riders match.

PPS: I also heard that IPL hasn’t allowed anti-corruption units from ICC.

  1. Saikrishna Munna says

    it fixed ipl( business mtchs).

  2. nandu says

    matches are deffinately fixed directly by franchise and bookies . 70% of profit of franchise comes from match fixing .come on guys they are investing more than 500 cr . they r there to do business . why will they spend this money only for entertainment and 5 crore prize money. reports show only profit of 10 – 11 crore to franchise . for franchise this mone pays only for their own hotel bills and parties main income is only match fixing.but who cares . its always fun watching this games on stadiums.

  3. FIXED :P says

    They are fixed.Period

  4. Ashutosh Didwania says

    At times I seriously wonder as to how can just a one-off incident be taken as a generalization and be forcefully moulded into a judgement. Its high time, we stopped looking at the negative of every single event that pops up. The more we search for flaws the more we would create them rather than discover the one that actually exists.

  5. shebeeb says

    That’s right

    I know this before years cricket is a waste and it misleads people. The cricketer’s and BCCI needs money. They will do anything for squeezing money from People, It can be clearly seen from the girls who are in the IPL. The is completely for getting a sensual feeling in watching IPL. Again i am repeating those who are watching IPL are great fools.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      IPL is not a sport, It is a business and as long and when comes into pictures, there is bound to be betting, match fixing etc.

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