Cricket crazy nations gets a new stock exchange – for cricket


Building a temple is the ultimate glory in India and is the pinnacle for admiration for a person. Few celebrities and cricketers have this privilege. What should people do in a world of new found of capitalism? They will start a stock exchange.

This stock exchange is not for commodities but for cricket. They will not be trading balls but players tagged with their performances. Started by few techies in Bangalore this exchange makes trading players easier for the common people. – It is not just the Mallyas, Khans and the Shettys who can trade but people like us can sell Jayasuriya and buy Duminy.

In simple words,

Share Price = Player Price
Share Earnings = Player Performance

Player Price is decided by the users when they Buy/Sell players for their team. Player earnings are derived from player’s performance from the ground during each match. I.e. Runs, Wickets, Fielding Converted into virtual money and credited to teams account. (source)

Isn’t that incredible? I never thought such a thing is possible. But here we are speculating at the maximum level on player’s performance. IPL’s 7UP game – though banned – is nothing before this stock exchange. And now, Cricket ceases to be a sport.

The price fluctuations in this market are like any other market driven through buying and selling or demand and supply. If I buy Tendulkar his stock price will increase. If I sell him his stock price will decrease. I recommend a SELL on Tendulkar and a BUY on Rohit Sharma.

Aah this is so much fun. I can go on but you know what I have a word limit. I am sure Lalit Modi will not approve of this. He might even come with some strange theory that no one else can buy or sell players except BCCI and the respective  countries boards. He might even bully ICC and the rest of International community to see that the players are not traded.

Eventually he will come with his own stock exchange. And this is how his opening speech will be.

“I have a dream where all the cricket players are openly traded. I have dream that players performances and ratings are decided in the open market by fans and not by petty board members. I have a dream…. ” — Time to turn the telly off eh.

PS : What would they call Insider trading here? Match fixing?

PPS : “Cricket crazy nation” and “1.2 billion people watching cricket” are misnomers. Of the total population there are less than 200 million TV’s and even lesser cable connections. Which makes the population watching cricket even less. Even if you take 2 to 3 people per TV, only half the nation is watching Cricket. Quite significant but a misnomer nevertheless.

  1. Bala Pillai says

    Wonder what would happen if it was based out of Mauritius.

  2. surenholkar says

    The concept mentioned here is not very new to me, something on the same lines was done in 2008, but the difference being the players , it was a team based event and now its a player based.
    Please refer the link for further details :

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