Fake IPL Player and the future of blogging in India


My guess is – 95% of people reading this are also reading Fake IPL Player blog. If not, here is a what fake IPL player in 140 characters or more.  

Fake IPL Player is a blog started by a (allegedly) of Kolkata Knight Riders team and is creating quite a stir.The blogger talks a lot about the private lives and cricketing abilities. Most importantly he has ripped everyone apart and made them naked (figuratively).

Don’t ask me who the player or the blogger is. It could be Shah Rukh for keeping the interest going on in the team. It could even be John Buchanan or Harsha Bogle. I can tell you for sure that it is not Sreesanth. I know he can dance and stuff but he aint that creative.

That was quite a spiel.

What this blog has done is, it pushed blogging to main stream. Blogging has a love hate relationship with the traditional media. But,this blog is quite a revelation. It sometimes sends a shivers down the spine.

People will now pay more than attention to blogs in general. This blog made few things clear. Blogs are here to stay. Blogs means business. And you have to pay attention to the blogs in your space.

It also means employers will be watching for any blogging activities. Now,they don’t want any Fake Somethings to come up with a blog only to bring the company to disrepute.

There will be a lot of policing in the corporate firewalls and on the Internet itself. I can’t really imagine the repercussions but, I have this strange feeling that this Fake IPL blog might have jeopardized  blogging as a free form expression.

I hope the fake IPL player is just that – a fake player and not a real player. That would put a lid on insider blogging and divert the discussion to the creativity of this particular blogger.

Any which way  – blogs rule. How else can I get in touch with nice people like you?

What do you think? Would this mean more policing of the content?

PS : Blogging becoming mainstream holds good even if it is a marketing tactic by the KKR.

PPS : Fake blogs are ephemeral and business blogs – perennial.

  1. Yash says

    FIP can’t be a marketing gimmick by KKR or SRK. They have ridiculed so many players and people especially “appam” that if the real identity of the blogger is revealed he might get sued! It can’t be Harsha Bhogle, Ravi Shastri, Lalit Modi or any other official associated with IPL for the same reason.

    In my opinion it’s the work of a Ganguly fan who is hurt by SRK and Bhookha naan’s treatment of the player. His displeasure with Bhookha, SRK and “appam” is quite visible!

    But it does bring the blogs to the limelight again. Before this only celebrity blogs by the likes of AB and Amir Khan have been in the news. This is for the first time that a non celebrity blog is getting so much attention. It really emphasizes the rising power of blogos.

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