Contentsutra parent company ContentNext gets acquired by The Guardian Media Group for $30 million +


The parent company of ContentSutra, ContentNext Media, has been acquired by Guardian Media Group for $30 million plus. It was founded by Publisher and Editor Rafat Ali in 2002.


ContentNext media has, MocoNews, , PaidContent UK and ContentSutra under its wings.

Here is what Rafat has to say about it:

Almost six years after our company started with, we have been acquired by Guardian News & Media (GNM), the news media division of UK-headquartered Guardian Media Group (GMG). Guardian itself is owned by the Scott Trust.

GNM publishes UK national newspapers – the Guardian and the Observer – as well as the and Media Guardian. We will be part of Guardian Professional group, which is the B2B media division for GNM, and runs targeted sites such the MediaGuardian, as well as online data businesses and conferences.

This starts the 2.0 phase of our company ContentNext Media: we will remain a stand-alone business under GNM. GMG will also help us expand our presence in India.

This is really a great news, and accolades should go to Rafat Ali and his team for churning out quality content on all their sites on daily basis.

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