Its confirmed ! US no longer a preferred job destination, even for IIT graduates


Not very long ago, very few gave a second thought when given an opportunity to go to U.S for employment or further studies.

Not anymore !

Things have changed drastically over last 3-4 years. Infact, due to India’s booming economy and opportunities galore, it is now becoming a preferred job destination among many graduates. Even IITians, who were known to move to US and other developed countries for job and higher studies are reversing the trend.

Evalueserve, a leading global research and analytics firm recently released a survey that has some interesting numbers:

According to the study, among IITians, who graduated between 1964 and 2001, 35 per cent moved to countries other than India, while 65 per cent preferred to stay back. However, among IITians who graduated in 2002 and later, only 16 per cent went abroad, while 84 per cent remained in India. “Recent graduates also believe India will be the most promising geography for IIT graduates in 10 years,” it says.

Study also pointed out that, among IITians, who graduated during 1964 and 2001, 60 per cent believed that when they were graduating, the U.S. and other developed countries provided better opportunities, while the remaining said it was India which provided job prospects. However, among those who passed out of the IITs between 2002 and 2008, this number dropped to 51 per cent who believed that developed countries would provide them better opportunities. [source]

Interestingly, when asked “10 years down the line, which geography do you think will hold the most promise for success?”, 72 per cent IITians chose India, with only 17 per cent opting for the US, 5 per cent for Europe and 2 per cent for China, the study adds.

I wouldn’t be surprised if in 10 years time youths from developed nations will start flogging India for further studies and Job opportunities.

What do you think?

  1. Shubhodip Das says

    "India Shining"…some more sensible decisions and our country would be a super power in a decade's time…the predictions made by BRIC report is going guns.

  2. Arun says

    Sorry Sukhminder…Your comment got caught in the spam pool. Most of the time Akismet does a good job of catching spam, but in this case it seems to have goofed up.
    Your comment is visible now…

  3. Sukhminder Sukhi says

    Hi Arun, I do not see my posted comment for this survey?

  4. Kanika Khanna says

    We hear of Americans shifting base to India

  5. Kanika Khanna says

    I will have to agree on this. I read an article which said, that even Americans have started to shift base to India in regards to their careers and recession in the US.

  6. Sukhminder Sukhi says

    How is the survey saying about NON-IITians who are in numbers many times more than IITians? About those who just have an average qualifications like BA or MA who may even exceed total number of NON-IITians in India. I think if we have these surveys done then we can confirm thing more better way. It is only the mass trend that can confirm what reality is and not just mare numbers, and that too of a very small section who can get cream jobs no matter where they are – US, Europe or India.

    I think we need surveys which can show what is the difference between the life of a common man in India and a common man in US. Only this can decide better the preferred job destination, infact a better destination to live and work.

    This survey might be a good fit for IITians but the big picture trends looks the other way round.

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