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It is 3 weeks since I have come back to India. The thing that has surprised me most is the number of high-end luxury cars plying on Indian roads. Although, I have written number of articles earlier on new car launches, it is amazing to actually see them running on potholes-filled-bumper-to-bumper-trafficked Indian roads.

If you has seen a Audi or a BMW, just couple of years back, you would looked at them in awe, but now people don’t even give a second glance – thats how common they have got!

With so many new cars launching literally every month, there had to be a online portal that gave users a platform to make their life easier while making car buying decision.

Carazoo Indian Car Portal

Enter, a comprehensive portal that has everything that you need to know about a car before making your buying decision. is India’s first car portal with interactive animations that will help users to evaluate their favourite cars online before you make a beeline to the showrooms. has a 360 degree exterior view, the interior 360 degree view to enable the viewers to get virtual “touch and feel” experience. It’s currently implemented on few models and will be provided soon for all the models. The “paint your car” option allows you to view cars painted in all available colors, which is just not possible even if you visit the car showroom! Also one can read specifications and reviews and compare cars, request for unlimited number of E-brochures and ask for a variety of no-obligation, hassle-free car quotations from dealers in the required city.

Carazoo Indian Cars coparison tool

One thing that specifically caught my eye was the similarity in the logo between one of America’s largest car portal and Even the look and feel of the portal is very similar except the vibrant reds and greens ! LogoCarazoo Indian Car Portal

The bottomline is that I was quite impressed with and am sure that it will attract quite a bit of traffic, especially given the kind hectic activity in the Indian car Industry. 

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