Top 7 reasons why you should work for a start-up


I have worked with small and big companies alike in my 11 years in IT Industry. Although, bigger established companies give you a sense of security, I firmly believe that they never utilize full and most often hidden (which the person himself does not know) potential of their employees, thereby seriously affecting their growth. Also, in a big company, you feel like a cog in a large machine — easily replaceable.

In contrast, working for a startup is a roller coaster ride that if given a chance, one should never miss! I bet you will remember the days working with a startup as most thrilling and fulfilling days of your professional career.

Top 7 reasons working in a startup

Here are 7 reasons why one should work with a startup.


Everything matters:

Startups often start on a shoestring budget. Everyone has to do everything, from founders to developers to office boy and most importantly, everything matters !

Scope for creativity:

Startups give you complete freedom to think creatively. They are always receptive to new ideas that will help improve the product / service. This, over a period of time becomes an habit, and often allow you to think out of the box.

Sense of Belonging:

In startups, employees are often more like a family than merely a group of coworkers. When you’re as friendly with the founders as you are with the person sitting next to you, you feel a strong sense of togetherness and purpose that larger companies often lack.

Exciting Challenges:

One of the biggest thrills of working in a startup is overcoming frequent challenges that are thrown at you and accompanying sense of accomplishment once you overcome those challenges.

Skill building Opportunities:

Like I mentioned earlier, in a startup, everyone has to do everything, even the task that are outside your comfort zone. One day you play a role of a UI designer, the next day of a developer and following day you may be closing a deal. This allows you to develop host of new skills that help you through-out your professional career.

Big risks, bigger rewards:

Working is a startup is risky. There are chances that startup may not take-off. However, if the startup is successful and is acquired or goes public you surely stand to make good moolah in form of equity or incentives. Even if the startup fails, you still walk away with wealth of professional experience and varied skills.

Sense of Pride:

Once the startup is launched, you can take pride in it’s success and the role that you played. If the startup fails, you can still take pride in having had the guts to take the chance and walk on less travelled path !

  1. Nikhil Bhagia says

    Very well written!!! simple, ingenuine & insightful!!! I am a fan now!!! :)

  2. Chetan says

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  3. Arvind Narasimhan says

    This post in a very simple language tells wat does a start-up entail and how is indeed is exciting. I have managed entire placement process of my college that runs like a mini company only with new variables and challenges entering my day of work daily. It takes a lot off the person mentally as well and hence is only for people with a strong mind and emotionally not so vulnerable.

    For comments i can be reached at [email protected]

  4. sanil paul says

    Very good post. I completed btech and MBA and presently working in a large construction and real estate company and looking forward to join a startup for the same reasons mentioned above. If there are any startups run by professionals who try to create a difference by thinking out of the box or bring in new technology in real estate sector or construction sector or  for that matter any other sector, please do inform me at [email protected].


  5. Kannan says

    Nice post. Can you please also add something along the lines of “who cannot work in a startup”. I bet this takes lot of time from your family. Having worked in a startup before I’ve seen people struggling between the job and previously happy family life. I’m sure this won’t work out for people who shuts down mentally on friday afternoon :)

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