TRAI gives broadband some meaning, finally!


Having broadband in India is like having speeds of poor dial-up connection. You can never do anything else other than browsing (that too is pretty frustrating) – seeing video clips or listening to streaming music is next to impossible.

How can ISP’s term these kinds of connections as broadband?

It’s simple! They have tiny letters saying “upto” before 256kbps. That means they can give speeds less than 256!

Given the increased public resentment over slow speed connection TRAI has put the right foot forward by issuing a directive to ISPs.

Responding to complaints from harassed consumers who are offered “broadband” at speeds much slower than those stipulated by the government, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) has taken a tough call.

It has written to operators saying they can no longer advertise broadband services that say they offer “up to” 256 kbps speeds, thereby circumventing the rules by offering services at far lower speeds.

Instead, Trai has directed all operators to clearly mention the minimum guaranteed download speeds in various packages. The regulator said operators have promised to abide by the new direction.

Meanwhile, the regulator has also mooted a discussion paper, which was released today, on whether the present level of 256 kbps defined as the minimum speed for a broadband connection should be raised to bring it on a par with international standards.

Better late than never !


  1. sachin says

    when the hell this broadband policy will change guys.

  2. Sanjay says

    I guess the TRAI is either bribed or is simply sleeping!!! Its just difficult to belive how can they not know about the service being provided in the name of broadband

  3. adhithya says

    well, its year 2009 & i still see isp’s usin word ” upto 256 kbps” & givin me 19 kbps download speed.{ am usin bsnl }.

  4. freenocanada says

    red stay vacant right glass google green student

  5. Digish A D says

    In India Anything goes. They know how to take the tax. But they dont know how to give the better facility. It sucks being in India. This is the reason people crave to migrate to the other countries.

  6. Satish says

    Still I am not clear if 256kbps broadband is really “guaranteed download speeds” . I have airtel broadnband with 256 kbps but never gets more than 35kbps while downloading, then what is meaning of 256 kbps?

  7. trakin says

    Well said Karthick…
    at par services is all we expect. This is one of the sole reasons why Broadband is not grown in India. If you are going to get such pathetic speeds why go for broadband in first place !

  8. Karthick says

    Finally you can’ t sell candy floss to the people. I think it’s high time, with India booming and stuff that you atleast provide on par net services. It’s sad to think of countries in Europe and the US enjoying 18mb net connects while we can’t even provide 512kb to the resident house hold.

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