Does ATM stand for Any Time Money? Think again…


Now the acronym ‘ATM’ will have dual meanings – Any Time Money and Any Time Milk.

Vending machines are quite popular in the west. You will find them at every nook and corner of the country, be it gas stations, public places or even offices, they are everywhere. However, in India, vending machine culture is yet to catch up.

Amul, the number one brand in India, may set the tone for vending machine culture by announcing the launch of 24/7 milk vending machines or ATMs (Any Time Milk). This may come as a boon for modern day nuclear families who are pressed for time. These ATMs will have supply of milk sachets of various sizes dispensed to end users via coins and tokens.

Amul Any time Milk ATM

These ATMs have already setup in Gujarat on trial basis and will be replicated all over the country in coming months.

This seems to be a novel idea, but we will have to wait and watch on how successful this gets.

According to report published in ET:

State government officials confirmed that the co-operative approached them for implementation. According to Amul India sources, the outlets will be launched in tier-III cities and later be expanded to tier-II and tier-I cities across the country.

The outlets will be set up based on the demand, consumption and supply chain in definite areas and cities. As a part of this, even a few existing outlets will be converted into 24/7 distribution outlets. High commercial rentals might make it difficult for GCMMF to come up with outlets in metros but the initiative will help reduce the commission charges paid to the vendors.

Apart from such outlets, Mother Dairy, Gandhinagar is already contemplating to launch mobile milk vending machines. While the designs are being worked out, the project has yet not been fully finalised. Mother Dairy, Delhi, owned by National Dairy Development Board is actively distributing milk through vending machines. It has around 800 milk delivery booths in Delhi alone but all of them are stationery.

What do readers think – Will this Amul venture be successful?

  1. javaid keelu says

    yeh,really a good step taking,amul is a forever good brand ,if these machines will come it provides us fresh n safe milk………

  2. priyanka says

    hey..if anyone could help me in knowing that when was amul milk established in Delhi..which year?

  3. Dr. D. R. Gupta says

    I am interested in installing Any Time Milk vending machine at Dilshad Colony, Delhi at my premises. The premises is centrally located in an heavy residential area. Pl. suggest me how to process to get the above work done.

    Dr. D. R. Gupta

    1. Dr narendra says

      i also wanted to install such atm milk vending machine supplier company should contact as early as possible

  4. vineet agarwal says

    Well..its good to know India’s coming up with this concept of automated vending machines.I am myself a student of the University of Glasgow,UK and know how convenient this option is.But again the whole idea in India should be to let users use the machines with the currency coins they have rather than distributing tokens or separate coins for the machines..then the whole motive of having the machine to do the work is dead.The machine has been installed to cut labor costs and space costs so that customers operate it anytime of the day or night.

  5. saikrishna says

    I think idea is good and Amul kool has to take step to expand this milk ATM’s all over the India even to the villages .It might be good for Amul kool why because India is well known for villages and hope milk should be the one of the popular&healthy drink

  6. Saptarshi says

    I think this idea is a pretty old one. I remember some 8-10 years back when I visited Kolkata, I had seen Mother Diary already having some milk-vending machines. You were given special coins and after the coins were inserted you would get the milk. All this was automated, just like the ATM machine….

    Amul Kool has been quite a success and is slowly becoming a good competitor to carbonated drinks… So good luck to Amul and hope it helps making milk a popular drink!

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