The new era of mobile content broadcasting and distribution


It is amazing to see how television broadcasting has changed over past 10-15 years. Earlier, we used to watch anything that was dished out to us on Doordarshan, be it Nukkad, be it films division cartoons (do you remember those?) or Sunday serials and bland evening movies. And today, even with 100 channels beaming on our TV sets, we crib about lack of choices. And to fulfill this demand (do we really need more channels?) there are hundreds of new channels slated to be launched.

Indian Mobile Internet television

To see the changes in mobile phenomenon, we don’t even have to go that far back, just 7-8 years back, having a mobile phone itself was a huge thing – and making calls used to cost Rs. 8 per minute with monochrome handsets weighing like a brick. However, today you can access everything on your feather weight colored mobile phones, be it listening to music, , online banking, playing games or accessing Internet (albeit slowly) !

Here is what I think we will see in coming future !

In next 5 years we will surely have an affordable all-in-one mobile device (We have these devices even today, but highly expensive and in trial stages) that will have , a phone, a television, a computer, having broadband Internet and off-course mini music system. Mobile handsets like Iphones have already shown us the glimpse of things to come.

However, there are couple of things that still lack on devices like Iphone – Broadband Internet and live multimedia broadcasting. But with introduction of HSPA (High-Speed Packet Access) that delivers mobile-broadband speeds in excess of 500 kilobits per second and up to several megabits per second, even that does not seem to be difficult.

Mobile Broadband laptops that work on HSPA just need to have a GSM card inserted into them just like your normal mobile phones and your are done ! You will be ready with always-on mobile broadband access.

Here is a video taken by Kamla Bhatt describing Mobile broadband laptops at the recently concluded Asia Mobile Conference.

Marry these mobile broadband laptops with devices like Iphone and you have a All-in-one device ready to serve you with everything you ever wanted !

Are you still thinking how you will see live televisions? If you have broadband Internet, you can off-course see live TV channels through Internet..simple !

Get ready for the future!

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