World’s most influential Consultant: Ram Charan


Ram Charan Business Consultant

I was spellbounded when I read this story on CNN money about Ram Charan. His name might give a very different impression, however this professor turned freelance consultant is world’s most influential and probably has access to most important boardrooms across the globe.

Here is what his typical schedule looks like:

“I go to India on the Friday of the week before Thanksgiving. I am Sunday morning in Bombay. Monday morning I am in Delhi. Wednesday I’m in Bombay. Thursday I’m in Bangalore. Saturday I’m in Trivandrum. Wednesday I’m in Johannesburg. Friday morning, at seven, I am in New York. I have a two-hour meeting with a CEO who has flown in to see me. I have two more meetings and I fly out that night to Dubai. I am in Dubai on Sunday and Monday, then I come back here. On Thursday night I fly out to Jubail, Saudi Arabia. Then I come back here. Tuesday morning I have a whole-day schedule in New York. Tuesday night I go to Milwaukee. I came from Milwaukee last night. They diverted my plane so I had to stay in Pittsburgh. I had a meeting this morning in Philadelphia. I had three meetings here in the afternoon. And I’m here tomorrow, with GE. Then an hour-and-a-half phone call. Then I’m going out tomorrow night to West Palm Beach. Monday morning I have a breakfast meeting in New York. And then I’m flying out to Perth, Australia.”

Take that for a schedule. Do you want to have such a lifestyle. I highly recommend you read this story on CNN Money.

  1. srijaga_cbe says

    Ram Charan is the man with great potential.
    Please look into the link about Ram Charan from a Chennai Blooger – Ram Viswanathan,

  2. Philip says

    awesome. it took me 3 days to finish the whole article. but it was worth the read. thanks for sharing.

    have already passed the link to more than 10 of my friends. heh.

  3. Mesmerized says

    Absolutely Mind boggling if the least is to be said.

    Obsession and Passion sometimes overlap each other, what extend of that is good im not to sure. He surely is great at what he does, the journalist was right, he probably finds remorse in working 24/7 – I dont understand where he finds his zeal – i guess sometimes the best mysteries in life are unsolved.

    Thanks a lot for the link – it was inspiring non the less

  4. Nikhil says

    Ram Charan’s story is an inspiring saga of extraordinary strength, courage and strong determination which has earned him respect from some of the world’s most sought after people. It has once gain ignited my buried passion to do some thing different and worthwhile!!

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