Indian TV Ads: Is it worth spending Rs. 3,50,000 for 10 second?


Yes, some of the top Indian TV Channels demand a price tag of Rs. 3,50,000 for a 10 second spot during primetime. The ad rates are even higher during highly viewed Indian cricket matches.

Do you think it is worth it?

It sure must be, because advertisers do pay that kind of money !

Infact, the channel broadcasters are increasing the ad rates even further by 25%, much to the disappointment of major advertisers.

Indian watching cricket Television match

The Indian advertising market has been growing at extremely fast pace since last 5 to 7 years, thanks to consistent economic growth of around 9% and huge rise in the number of Multinationals entering in last few years. What better medium for these multinationals to reach out to .

One advertisement during the telecast of India Pakistan cricket match ensures that your product / brand is seen by atleast 200 million TV viewers (approx. ).

Do you think Rs.3,50,000/- tag is justified then?

If you calculate, it comes to roughly 2 rupees per 1,000 viewers. Thats dirt cheap, I must say!

However, it is not all rosy for broadcaster in coming years. The number of TV channels are growing by hundreds. In this year alone more than 100 TV channels are going to get launched and many more in pipeline. With so many channels in fray the competition to acquire ads from advertisers is going to be fierce, thereby pulling down the ad prices.

Do you know the number of TV channels that will be available to cable viewers in next 2 years?

A whooping 700 TV channels !

Who is going to watch so many channels? And are there enough viewers to watch?

Yes, there are! India is likely to see nearly 70% growth, with the subscriber base reaching nearly 77 million households by 2010, from existing 46 million.

With those kind of TV channels, India is set to become the largest advertising market in the world.

I am excited!

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  2. Tanuj Taneja says

    The right answer should be the ROI (return on investment).
    If the 3.5Lac ad helps you reach the right audience and you can get incremental revenues of more than 3.5Lac out of it, then yes It is worth spending the money on that ad. But if it won’t drive enough incremental sales then it ain’t worth the expense.

    The rational can be different in cases where a new brand wants to position itself in the market or an existing brand wants to diversify. Here even a lesser return would be acceptable.

    Although still very uncommon in India, appropriate attribution analysis is the way forward to measuring the Media performances for brands to get an edge in the market.

  3. Jimeet Gandhi says

    Even if channel broadcasters are increasing ad rates, you can place best tv ads in cheap ad spots. There are some online TV media planning and buying platform (e.g. Amagi MIX) that can help you to buy TV ads.

  4. mitesh kumar says

    hell sir
    can u tel me how many expenses in advertisement a brand / product in one month/one day.

    like dove shop
    samsung tv

  5. Varun Kaumar says

    Yes TV ads worth it for creating brand image

  6. Sandeep Kumar says

    Any idea how to advertise on TV?
    New channels like MoviesNow etc?

  7. Vandhana Karthick says

    For last five years Indian TV markets have grown very big and revenue rolled is mind blowing after the launch of IPL cricket in India…Upto that the market boomed seasonally but now the cost gone higher but also sponsors need targetted visitor and convertion should be more even though many channels are mushrooming daily..In this local channels are very big head ache when we turn on tv.

  8. restav jehan says

    aaian tv ad market has grown by 12% in lst yr and indian market responds respondigly..huge population earns huge cost for ads ..right on their part. i hope u might hav to spend atleast 5 times to get the same reach in USA.!!

  9. Trushar Mistry says

    Indian Tv channel advertisements are losing their branding image due to repeating the same on every 10 to 15 minutes like hammering. Person piecefully watching some program gets high irritation & he starts to hate that product. Most of the people’s opinion even in my circle about indian tv ads is nothing but bull s__t…!

  10. aamir says

    sometimes i see a code flashing on the screen during any tv program.
    it goes something like “000724ab” or something similar to it.
    can anyone tell me what it stands for?

  11. ranjan singh says

    dear sir,
    mr ranjan singh form food i want some rate list of tv u give the rate send my mail.all slap.if u the johis .then thenk for the job.b like t

  12. JK says

    dont jump for a tv ad unless there something which can make you sit and watch (like vodafone).Get ready to meet the new trend in advertising which is digital signage-A typhoon to hit the market sooner than ever

  13. davis says

    what do u think about a new media for advertisements??? a live video add displays all over wil work out???

  14. Atom says

    700 Channels * 20minutes * 24 Hours= 3,36,000 minutes = 2,01,600 slots of 10 seconds each per day. Avg Tag per 10 sec. 1,00,000 Rs. = 2,01,600,000,000 Rs per day ! Who is going to pay ? U and me. Without our knowledge, and consent.

  15. bob says

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  16. Indranil says

    I am not sure if its worthy coz it is done over years, however i believe by and large the trend towards tv ad is slightly shifting towards intelligent ad which is quite realistic though subjected to perfect condition. Also the ad should be related to theme of the channel(business related channels should focus on business /economic inclined ads as most of the viewers would prefer business focus ads rather romantic.

    Well , its my thought till now……more research still required

  17. Vivek says

    I personally feel that TV ad rates are not indicative of the actual value. Prime slots such as during an India Pakistan cricket match maybe worth the money, But with so many channels and people's tendency to switch channels makes TV advertising the least popular one.

    Print ads are probably the best, but what is catching on slowly is internet ads as the success can be measured !V

  18. DigitalDude says

    i submitted a comment but it cant be seen… do u need to approve comments or is it that my comment was too long :D

  19. DigitalDude says

    a few days back there was an article in The Hindu "Word of mouth – most powerful ad tool"

    I personally feel that the TV ads are most effective for FMCG goods and low cost items bcos if i want to purchase a bike, car or a computer opinion and advice of friends and relatives weighs more than TV ads… and also there is a subconsious aversion in me for the TV ads if they are stupid and ridiculous… (but this stupid and ridiculous works for kids :P)

    and the statement "it comes to roughly 2 rupees per 1,000 viewers" is not that attractive as it sounds bcos they are not TARGETED viewer count. any internet marketer can recognise this pitfall easily… if it doesnt make sense for me its just spam – 'TV-Spam' lol i made a new term here :D

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